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The result of the inspiration of designer Martha Vargas is a complete success. She proposes a unique style with natural materials such as silver combined with wood and bone.

She brings us very sophisticated lines that complement and provide glamour to the winter wear for the coming fall-winter 2006-2007 seasons.

Silver is Martha Vargas’s muse, with it she transmits the pleasure of wearing a piece of jewelry you can identify with.

The Michoacanan designer brings her collection full of soft lines that embrace and emphasize the skin. Her new line has caused a sensation in both the domestic and international markets.


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She also offers a gentlemen’s collection. A modern and different concept for men who are looking for their own style.

Her designs are different and are distinguished because they are pieces made one by one by the hands of craftsmen from Michoacan, where their materials are identified with the sensitivity of human nature. But above all her touch; the unique of each designer.

Martha Vargas’s sources of inspiration are natural materials, such as warm elements that possess magic and poetry to identify with the human body.

“The creative process I follow when designing, in the first place, in to gather together the fashion information of the season in which I’m going to work, with the material, my style, as well as thinking about the public that will wear my jewels”.

Today, she has the freedom, the time and the passion for what she does; the peace to plough her own furrow in different shapes to make jewels with her grains.

Nowadays, with her hands at the rhythm of her female heart, she models the materials of the Earth and mixes them with silver, wood, stones, glass and tying then with rays of light.


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Martha Vargas joyas

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Text: Amura ± Photo: Martha Vargas your social media marketing partner