Drexel Heritage Furniture Industries, Inc. was founded on November 10, 1903 in North Carolina, United States. Today we are one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the US and we are active in many countries. Our close relationship with head office Furniture Brands International ensures that we can maintain the finest manufacturing quality and the best designs.

Our collections vary from the most traditional tastes, simplicity and contemporary elegance. Some of our most successful lines are the product of the inspiration of famous designers, as well as important characters and lifestyles that have transcended through history.


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Among our collections, such as Vera Bradley, whose inspiration evokes a passion for the family and offers a sophisticated mix of color, softness and comfort to create a happy and elegant home.

One of our most attractive collections is the Postobello collection, which is a product of the imagination of the famous Californian designers Jude Scarboro and Jennifer Kates, who have managed to create an original and elegant style that harmonizes both urban environments and the most refined summer houses. Our most sophisticated and luxurious line has been designed by one of the best contemporary interior decorators, Lillian August, who through the designs, expresses the most refined elegance, capable of satisfying the most demanding tastes.

Through the Up Town collection, you can create the sophisticated ambience of a New York loft. At Home In Tuscany, furniture of Tuscan inspiration, manufactured and crafted by our best craftsmen and artists and carefully finished by hand. It is simply a spectacular collection.

We invite you to visit our show rooms located in the Polanco District of Mexico City and in Lerma in the State of Mexico, where you will be attended by expert consultants in interior decoration.


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Text: Amura ± Photo: Drexel Heritage

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