Deportivo que navega más allá del lujo

Ferretti has bet on surpassing its own limits with the new Custom Line 108’, a ship that fuses a detailed and stylized luxury with a sports nature that bestows stability and light weight without precedent.

Before hitting the market, this maxi yacht has already seduced the international market thanks to the evident expansion and innovation that the same Italian firm has demanded from itself for the development of this nautical project what will debut in the coming summer.



Far beyond beating its competitors, Ferreti has concentrated on challenging its own frontiers and evolve the Custom Line of glass fiber towards an audacious heir for the successful predecessor of 100 feet, that has managed to elevate its modernity and luxury level with a sports spirit that stands out due to its larger volumes, sophisticated interiors that are completely customizable and the latest in technological solutions.

The architects and designers of Ferretti Group’s Centro Stile performed ad hoc studies to generate the experience aboard the maxi yacht that breaks the parameters of all a history of nautical manufacture. Its refined finishing and original contrasts, are product of a special care in the details that vests the Custom Line 108’ an outstanding touch of nobleness, without abandoning its strength and modernity gleamed by an exclusive furniture that perfectly frames if functional luxury. Smooth leather, sophisticated wood and a magnificent use of precious materials like marble, contribute to an elegant vibrant effect, cleanly favored by a LED light system specially designed to elevate the appreciation of this work.

The purpose to develop this Ferreti legacy, is not only for the owners to experience “the enchant of the sea” in the yacht of their dreams, but for them to possess a true jewel made in Italy, unique thanks to the implementations of its design and solutions on board. “We have perfected an already winner product”, states Stefano De Vivo, commercial director of Ferretti Group.

With 108 feet, this maxi yacht is renovated with a patented dual mode system of aft mirrors, as well as the information and entertainment system VOTIS (Videoworks Infotainment System One Touch). The quality that Custom Line has offered since 20 years ago, is a warranty that is generating rewards in the market and a loyalty that is getting shaped as a cult for the performance and good taste of Ferreti.

In general this model has enhanced its volume, with a total length of 32,95 m (108 ft./1 in.) and a beam of 7,25 m (23 ft./9 in.), which results in more than a square meter added to the main deck and the flybridge. The aft zone has been enhanced thanks to the installation of the Dual Mode Transom (DMT), revolutionary electric-hydraulic system patented by Ferretti that allows to open the aft door upwards and downwards, this facilitates choosing between stacking a tender of 5 meters or a water bike in the floating garage and serving as a submersible platform, or as a beach club, all wonderfully integrated into almost 15 m2.



One of the first things that will stand out when looking at the Custom Line 108’ is its slender profile, besides its aerodynamic sober lines so balanced. The super structure and crystal surfaces have been re-designed, integrating innovation in the main deck, where the body of the great cabin has a unique view, as well as an unprecedented interior natural shine. The restyling has also involved a great crystallizing in the ample main cabin. The 4 VIP cabins have also been enlarged, and for the first time they come in rectangular shape.

In line with the new models presented in the Yachting Festival of Cannes 2014, the Custom Line 108’ is also equipped with the innovating VOTIS, an entertainment system installed in the hall of the main deck, where now it is possible to manage for example an iPad, therefore the substitution of the remote controllers for different devices now is controlled form a single place. This technological solution raises the on board entertainment to another level, since the system can be controlled form any area of the yacht, as well as to integrate to the personal devices of the owner.

The habitability conditions have improved a lot, with an access area in the middle of the ship that holds a ladder that connects the superior and inferior decks and offers access to the kitchen as well to areas designed to lovers of sunlight. The new project has two MTU 16V 2000 M94, engines 2.638 mhp, which allows the yacht to attain a maximum speed of 26 knots and a cruise speed of 23 knots, with a range of 350 and 430 nautical miles, respectively.

The Custom Line 108’ will also ensure a fuel consumption very limited: its range at cruise speed can be up to 1.000 nautical miles, but it is very economical. There has also been special care on easing the moorage, thanks to its stabilization of electro-hydraulic fins with drive functions and zero speed that comes as a standard feature in these series.


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30.60 m/ 100’39’’


7.25 m/ 23’78’’


2 x MTU 16V 2000 M94

Fuel tank

14700 l / 3883.329 US gal

Water tank

3000 l / 792.516 US gal


Texto: Ferretti ± Foto: Ferretti your social media marketing partner