Yachts built on family bonds since 1875

More beautiful, faster, better, first: these are the qualities that have been cultivated by the Fr. Lürssen Werft Boatbuilding company for over 135 years and five generations, raising it to the pinnacle of shipbuilding. Company founder Friedrich Lürssen’s ambition -formulated in 1875- “Leading in quality and performance, that should be my company’s reputation” can be considered as fulfilled since a long time. From the beginning, quality, performance and innovation made Lürssen what it is today: an internationally renowned complete shipbuilder with sales, design, manufacturing and development, service and logistics.

The self imposed goal of being first and best in all classes was achieved early and then over and over again: in 1886, the founder Friedrich Lürssen constructed the world’s first motor boat, the Rems, together with the legendary engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.

 The company is one of the pioneers of leisure yachts and motor boats. Donnerwetter, built in 1905 was an early and successful speedboat, which started a series of successful races for the shipyard at all European motor boat races. Another true racer was the Saurer Lürssen of 1911 which, with the second generation Otto Lürssen at the helm, was able to win a string of trophies at the famous Prix de Monte Carlo. 







With a speed of 32 knots, it was unofficial world record holder at the time, a real champion of the sea. Further innovations and records followed -again and again Lürssen managed to set standards in the most diverse areas.

 Early on, Lürssen acquired competence and success with luxury motor yachts. After building many yachts for European clients Lürssen delivered a large number of yachts to the USA from 1924 onwards, a connection that has been maintained and consolidated over the years. The success story, from a modest producer of small working -and racing boats to a leading producer of luxury yachts and high-quality specialized ships, had begun.

 As a fifth generation family business, it combines tradition and innovation. Its international clients include governments and private individuals. Lürssen produces patrol boats, corvettes, frigates and mine-hunters, but first and foremost luxury yachts for individual and demanding taste. From then to now, around 13,000 ships have left the docks of Lürssen, each one of them is a true original and a magnificent specimen.






 The names of the yachts like Izanami, Phoenix 2, Limitless, Carinthia, Pelorus, Octopus, Rising Sun, Ice, Eos, Dilbar, Topaz and Ace stand for taste, perfection, purity, grace, dignity, beauty and character. World-famous architects and designers such as Lord Norman Foster, Jon Bannenberg, Tim Heywood, Andrew Winch, Terry Disdale and Espen Oeino are behind the multi-award-winning designs. Not only the yachts, but all ships from Lürssen have become synonyms for complete aesthetics of form, unique quality and fully-developed high technology.

 Today, 20 of the Top 100 yachts have been built by Lürssen (7 of the Top 20). The founder’s dream to become one of the leading shipbuilders is still present in the spirit of Lürssen today and all the people that work there - five generations later.


About Lürssen

Lürssen is a globally leading yacht-builder, based in Bremen, Germany. With a workforce of 1550, Lürssen maintains four state-of-the-art shipyards at Bremen-Aumund, Lemwerder, Rendsburg and Wilhelmshaven. The privately run company, which remains solely in the hands of the Lürssen family to this day, has earned an international reputation as the specialist in exclusive, custom-built yachts.O 




Text: Lürsseen Yachts ± Photo: Lürssen Yachts