Italian Excellence since 1873 

We comply 140 years of history, nearly 300 boats built, more than 300,000 square meters of production facilities in six shipyards in Italy and 36 yachts currently under construction, including a 90-meter mega yacht. These facts and figures show clearly the Benetti growth momentum and the customer confidence in the brand.

For Benetti yacht building is to continue a tradition of innovation, style and quality that has shaped the focus and corporate culture. It means continuing to diversify production in order to meet the increasingly complex needs expressed by the owners worldwide. Benetti has a long tradition in yacht building. After leaving wood we are the first to realize the potential of composite materials for the manufacture of luxury yachts, and in the 1960s we made the transition from metal boats for steel and aluminum used today.

It is a success story confirmed by the ranking of the prestigious international journal “Show Boats International”, which, in its ninth year, crowned for world’s leading builder Benetti Custom Mega Yachts. Since 1873, we celebrate Italian excellence, adding ideas, research and development to the ingenuity of our hands.





Our mission is to deliver a product built to the highest quality standards recognized by the international megayacht industry. We are very thorough in our application Benetti Quality System, which has a team of experts and specialist managers who perform over 1,000 quality checks and tests, even in medium- sized yachts.

This is achieved by the exact fulfillment of the technical specifications, the requirements for registration and classification of entities and, above all, user expectations;  interpreted through their capabilities as well as the love for Benetti in Italian construction and design. Aspiring to technical and functional higher standards, without compromising the look and comfort has always been one of the most important objectives of Benetti.

The company’s fanatical attention to detail and obsession with quality is clearly expressed in every inch of a Benetti yacht. It is demonstrated by the combination of the best Italian tradition and craftsmanship with the latest technology. Even the furniture and accessories convey excellence and uniqueness. Benetti combines the use of quality with raw materials along side the best craftsmanship. 

Flexibility, creativity, determination, passion,  and courage to take responsibility and accept ever-changing challenges: are Benetti’s people skills, regardless of specialization.

Architects, project managers, designers, engineers and technicians are the best professionals with major credentials to create products with the quality standards that exceed the sum of the individual points of excellence.

Benetti is a company formed by people who can make valuable contributions to research, designs and production trimming, never losing sight of the main goal of satisfying owners.






Viareggio has a century-old tradition of luxury yacht building. This is where the company started life, steeped in local marine culture. For these reasons, the heritage of craftsmanship has developed naturally in Benetti, nurtured by the best carpenters, blacksmiths and marble cutters based on a tradition turns into finely tuned skills with each passing generation.

 These skills, combined with the culture of shipbuilding tradition inherited from the Livorno and Cantieri Orlando yard, now supports excellence Benetti production system, particularly in Livorno, and allow the company to look into the future with optimism.





BEST (Benetti’s Exclusive Sea Technology) is the unique platform created by Benetti to integrate all electronic systems and installations on board. Thanks to a yacht Benetti’s BEST can make them talk to each of all subsystems, sundry features and technologies through a common language: the TV is connected with the lights, and cameras  with the phones.

BEST effectively consists of a single network infrastructure and middleware that links devices to each other through the exchange of signals and events. BEST in addition, through the newest, AIRPLAY system developed by Apple, agrees with the wi-fi ‘s owner mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Pc) along with the installation so the owner may be in their particular world also inside the yacht.


Benetti Net

Benetti Net is a virtuous organization model in which the major marine companies are carefully selected and joined in a unique partnership. A network of small and medium companies that offer the best craftsmanship in their fields and always add real value to the projects.

This network of companies in the marine supply chain has the stated aim of multiplying their capacity for innovation and competitiveness in domestic and international markets, as well as the improvement of quality and efficiency of their activities by introducing new forms of collaboration and coordination by adopting clearly defined, high production standards and service, co-engineering practices to share, and qualified training.

This model of innovative and extremely flexible organization is based on the fundamental principle that “United we stand”, which allows on one hand, to offer customers levels of innovation and performance that could not be achieved for each individual operator, and secondly, to maximize overall efficiency.

Working with the best suppliers in the market is also a way of making them feel they are an integral part of the Benetti family, which means being able to have highly specialized human resources on innovative construction techniques and a stable production process, at the same time, maintaining manufacturing approach has always been the key force shipyard.





Warranty & Services

Benetti’s warranty and after sales services are offered to yachts wherever their location may be. This is the reason why the integrated pension systems can be accessed remotely, and why real-time action can be taken to resolve any failure or upgrade of operations and maintenance.

The Vessel Information Organizer (SAW) also contains a complete catalog of all the spare parts for equipment and provides an easy to use ordering system email. Benetti also provides a comprehensive database of all equipment and machinery, a digital copy of all blueprints and a user manuals in English, as well as photographic and video documentation of the construction process.

Benetti offers a program of activities yacht management and maintenance, including a maintenance plan for the equipment on board, the crew and a guest management system, an accounting program, illustrated instructions, manuals and a inventory barcode system on board program for maintenance.

Benetti provides an efficient global after-sales service. This service offers maintenance, upgrade and technical improvements for yachts of any size or type. Idea System makes ordering spare parts and maintenance works a particularly user-friendly process: masters and engineers can issue orders directly through the yard, quickly and without any risk of receiving the wrong parts. This is also the case of products and equipment produced by leading marine brands, based on consolidated partnerships.

Our goal is to take care of owners, offering a wide range of truly excellent after delivery services. If yachts can not move to points of service in Livorno, Viareggio, Hong Kong and Fort Lauderdale, Benetti mobile brigade will be sent to provide on-site support.





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