Meet the first boat in aluminum

The first Sanlorenzo in aluminium SANLORENZO 40ALLOY a new superyacht under the sign of continuity between past and future.   

The first Sanlorenzo in metal to be launched by the new Viareggio Division is the 40Alloy, a fast superyacht in aluminium with semi-planing hull, that represents the natural evolution over 108 ft of the range of fibreglass motoryachts produced in the Ameglia Division.  

To meet the demands of its customers, Sanlorenzo, the prestigious Italian shipyard that stands out for excellence in the design and production of “tailor made” motoryachts, has widened its fleet with two new lines. Following the debut of the first navetta Sanlorenzo SD92, the Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy is yet another significant creation in the wake of the challenge launched by Massimo Perotti in April 2005, when he purchased the Sanlorenzo atelier. For this important project, Sanlorenzo moved back to Viareggio, the historic site of the company, where the new crafts are produced into two different facilities.   

Sanlorenzo conceived a totally innovative project, while maintaining Sanlorenzo’s stylistic traits. The result is a superyacht in a class of its own, featuring elegant flowing lines and absolutely innovative elements: exclusive bathing terraces that can be tilted down onto the sea, and the gull- doors in the wheelhouse. 

The two large, symmetrically arranged sliding side doors are matched, on the bulwarks, by two platforms that become veritable terraces onto the sea, offering a breathtaking view from the interior that extends uninterruptedly all the way to the distant horizon. Interior luminosity is excellent and, having removed the blind, the salon has been equipped with very light curtains and full height sliding panels that reach down to the floor and constitute a unique solution for crafts this size. 





Another special feature is the lighting system using only lines of light running along the ceiling and along the lower contours of the furniture and the doors, making them look suspended in the air, as if they were flying.  

Having decided to enter the field of metal boats, Sanlorenzo can do so only according to the top- notch quality standards that have always characterized its products. Accordingly, for the new project, the shipyard sought the prestigious consultancy of John Winterbotham & Partners, an English firm specializing in the sector of maxiyachts. The outcome is a Quality book that certifies all production stages, positioning Sanlorenzo at the high end of metal boat production worldwide.   

The choice of aluminium as the construction material for the Sanlorenzo 40Alloy was dictated by a twofold need: to widen the fleet and to keep up performance and quality levels. For crafts with planing hull over 118 ft, in fact, fibreglass turns out to be too heavy, whereas aluminium ensures optimal performances.








Length overall

38,50 m


7,60 m

Draft (loaded)

2.85 m

Fresh Water Capacity

6.000 l

Fuel capacity

30.000 l


156,000 kg




5 + 4






Text: Sanlorenzo Yachts ± Photo: : © Sanlorenzo Yachts your social media marketing partner