The Italian brand expert in whites, Frette, makes a tribute to its150 years of life through an exclusive limited edition, which was created as a synonym of beauty’s celebration, the refinement and the Italian style which is has a worldwide prestige.
With their experience, Frette transform a resting place into something unique and special. Their fine fabrics and unrivaled textures create a comfort and elegant atmosphere at home.
The brand has a great reputation due to its elegant design, technical innovation and confectioning quality, which is represented in their unmistakable design and collections.
The signature, with office headquarters in Monza, Italy, offers products that satisfy the demands and taste of a very diverse audience. From the classics in search of fine products to those who seek clothing garment of an exceptional quality.


Frette’s quality dresses the best yachts, hotels, trains, restaurants and homes all around the world.
Their story begins on December 1rst, 1860, a day in which Frette, Payre & Chaboud is founded. The purpose of the company is to fabricate and distribute bed clothing and for the house from its central offices in Grenoble, France.

Five years later two plants near Monza are established, with the luxury fabric production in Jacquard concentrated in Concorezzo textile mills, where the company keeps their central offices to this day. 

In 1878 they inaugurate the first store opened to the public at via Manzoni in Milan, in a building where they still operate today. Afterwards, between the years 1879 and 1881, the company becomes E. Frette & C., with headquarters in Monza and it is consolidate as 100% Italian. The partners and founders are Giuseppe Maggi, Carlo Antonietti and Edmond Frette.
Thanks to the quality of their products, Frette soon wins the first of many gold medals at the National Exposition in Milan.
Since 1886 their sales outside of Italy begins through the creation of a home clothing collection. After this, Frette starts as a supplier of the Royal Danieli Hotel in Venice, followed by the Belle Venice Hotel and other hotel establishments in the following year. These included the Paris Ritz,

the London Savoy, The New York Plaza and the Hong Kong The Peninsula.
Since 1977 it has opened boutiques around the world, in Europe as well as in Asia and the United States. Besides the whites, Frette increases its range of products with the collections of dressing luxury yacht´s beds.


Almost a century later the creation of the first collection of home clothing, Frette introduces Frette to wear, which consists of sleeping garment, slippers and bathrobes, that complement the white comfort plus contrasting their designs, with textures that go from cotton, to light wool to linen to silk, giving as a result a complete and unique design.
In the year 1999, the descendents of the company’s founders transfer the company to an Italian fashion grouping, and during 2001 they launch Luxury y Warm, the new accessory collections for the house in materials such as silk, brocades, precious furs and cashmere and with it the traditional jacquards of the company are complemented.

Finally for 2005, Frette introduces Lucia, their first Limited Edition, with which it is given the Best Bed Clothing Design Award bestowed by Elle Deco, China.
Today Frette opens its doors in Av. Presidente Masaryk 407, in the Polanco area to offer the Mexican market a variety of articles for the house insurmountable within their genre.

In its Autumn/ Winter Collection 2009, Frette offers warmth, pleasure and beauty for the house and for this it was inspired in the sunsets, the ocean and the turkey coasts, as well as in the interior of their exotic villas, the different styles for this season renew the spirit.
The creation of these designs differs from the classic home Jacquard and reveals Frette’s constant evolution and its search for maintaining its leadership in the development of ornamental accents for the home.


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Masaryk 407 Polanco

Plaza Zentro

T: (55) 52804451



Text: Amura ± Photo: Cortesía de la marca