RIVIERA NAYARIT.- Considered by experts as one of the favorites spots in Mexico for depth and individual fishing, on August 13th to the 15th the third International Marlin and Tuna Fishing Tournament was held.

A total of 47 vessels participated, searching the best species of Tuna, Marlin and swordfish, with national and foreign competitors, this place has slowly become worldwide famous for its sports fishing practice.



The first place in the Marlin’s capture was taken by the Chicago Native, Luis Fernando Ramos who captured a 182.7 kilogram fish on his second day at the activity, overcoming the Nayarit Fernando Menchaca, who on his first day had catch a 158 kilogram model.

The third place was also for Ramos, who risked it all from the beginning of the competition with the sole objective of succeeding, situation that was achieved at the end of the competition. In regards of the Marlin a Nayarit won fourth place; Miguel Sierra who was very close of being among the best three of the 2009 tournament.



Referent to the Tuna fishing, the winner was José Luis Pérez Preciado, who on his first day of fis- hing got a 108.8 kg specimen.

On the second day of the activity only a Tuna was captured, who barely reached 65.9 kg in weight therefore staying in second place, while Preciado gained victory.



This tournament has start to become a tradition in the Nayarit Riviera, in its third year of competing it has increased the number of participants resulting in 47 during 2009 and it is expected to greater during the next editions.

Despite the fact that the weight of the speci- mens wasn’t like the one last year, the fishing tournament left a great aftertaste in all the compe- titors, by assuring that it was at the level of one of the best competitions in Latin America.



Text: Fabiola Galván ± Photo: Cortesía Riviera Nayarit y Marina Huanacaxtle, Jamie Lyons AKA "Pono"