Not every time does an alliance between enterprises with different specialties turns out as pleasant and as uniform as it happened with the newest launch of the Italian vessel Pershing and its 108 model.

One hundred and eight feet of visual, sensory and spatial delight. The wide inner spaces, the excellent interior design, are all part of the winning recipe for this beautiful yacht.

This coalition between the companies was created like the one of PoltronaFrau, who designed the inner furnishings, the magnificent kitchen ErnestoMeda and the Pershing design team who managed to transform this ship into one of the most aesthetic ones of the line, as well as from the inside as from the outside.



But the Pershing 108 is not only pure look, in its base version it holds an inner bomb- three to be more precise- controlled by the captain. We are refereeing to the motors that take this yacht to a surprising 41-knot speed (over 75 km/h), which isn’t supersonic but it’s impressive if we’re speaking about 110 tons of mass. Additionally, to achieve a complete satisfaction from the proud owners of this vessel, all the details were carefully thought with interior distribution options, whether there are three or four cabins.

The exterior is very stylized, the silver tone of the painting that contrasts the wood of the entire surface is a match made in heaven.  The silhouette is very slick, the entire edge is almost a straight line, the windows of different shapes and sizes lightly give them life, plus give way to the light’s entrance, the large windows break with the monotony of the hull giving the exterior character.

The flybridge is a place that is definitely built with one objective only, to enjoy the landscape while you take this vessel on to the next port. It has a command post in the center.








Text: AMURA ± Photo: Marco Antonio Dávila, Carlo Borlenghi, Felipe Serrano, Livier García y Marc Callanan.