When we think of places that stand out for their nautical tradition, Holland comes to mind and as a birthplace of this shipyard, it gives us an uphold to confirm that this one feeds from the tradition of the place to make crafts that are close to the brand’s three pillars: Passion, performance and perfection, that since 1978 have been Heesen Yachts rule and have satisfied more than 150 yacht owners that have been launched of this shipyard.


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For this reason and like every ship of this magnitude, “Man of Steel” was designed thoroughly following each owner’s instruction, a huge assignment for the designers’ team, engineers and clearly for the owner himself, task that was successfully completed to give way to a yacht of these dimensions.

With the name’s irony (Man of Steel) and the material, of the superstructure as well as of the helmet (aluminium), this almost 37 meters giant roams the seas with grace and agility, effortlessly; most of all for the helmet’s design, and on the other hand, thanks to the excellent technical shape of the shipyard that made the precise choice of motors, stabilizers and a design from Omega Architects.

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Going into further detail, the inferior deck made at the bow by the crew’s cabins, one with a single bed: at starboard, one with a double bed and up the stern, another one with individual bunk beds, all with their own bathroom. The staff has an independent stairway.
The guest side is found towards the center of the ship, right after a wall where the first thing we see is a cabin at starboard with two individual bunk beds that can hold four guests. This cabin has its own bathroom.

Towards the stern there are two VIP cabins, one at port and the other one at starboard, which include double beds and their own bathroom-bigger than the one in the other cabin- and with more storage space. Behind an isolating sound wall, we find the machine room, and finally, the garage that has space for a tender and a water bike.

he next level is the main deck, from stern to bow up the two stairways that lead us to this deck. In the back we find an elliptic table that may hold at least ten people, and ahead there are sliding crystal doors that give way to the living room and from the outside, on one of the stern’s side, an elegant and rare detail, a circular stairway that lead us to the elevated bridge.



Once inside the living room, we encounter a lounge type area that has a sliding couch that joins two basic shaped, a half circle along a straight line, and right in front of it a table, at the other side there are three individual armchairs and two ellipse shape tables in front of them.

The next area is the dinning room, which also includes a very wide couch with an 8 people table. An intermediate tone wood with many streaks takes over, in floors as well as walls, and the tone colours range from purple to dark red, something unusual, where generally neutral colours are found.

Following the path to the bow, we run into the doors that grant us access to the control post and the main cabin. The control cabin is every captain’s golden dream, with every equipment available, with exceptional visibility and the comfort to be able to steer the yacht, no matter the destiny or crossing.



The main cabin is a place where the feeling of wellbeing and tranquility overwhelms us. Because of the colours combinations, textures and lighting we can say that it’s a place where you start to rest from the very moment you enter.

LThe beige, brown and red colours dominate, with a few touches of green. The lamps play an important role, at the same level of the rest of the lighting; even the bathroom is a place to be calmly spoiled in. The space is also very important and considering it, this cabin including the bathroom, make the most of this beautiful yacht’s wide arm.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the elevated bridge, which is an area for authentic luxury lovers, the impressive view from the harbor or the open sea, anchored or in motion.



This is a place to enjoy freedom, of the surrounding elements protected from the sun by the firm roof or letting us caress by the sun or moon beams or the twinkle of the starts, alone or with company, here you can enjoy of an excellent dinner, an elegant cocktail an evening snack, since it includes a table at starboard, a port bar, an ice factory, a refrigerator and a cool cellar.

Towards the stern, climbing three stairs, we encounter a comfortable Jacuzzi that is the perfect touch for this deck, plus it can be enjoyed when leading the vessel-or watch how someone handles it experimenting- since there is a second command post.





36.80 m / 120’ 9”


7.50 m / 24’ 7”


2.20 m / 7’ 2”

Fuel Capacity

32,933 l / 8,700 gal

Fresh Water

7,939 l / 2,100 gal


150,000 kg / 330,700 lb


2 X MTU 16V 4000 M90

2 X 3648 HP


2,000 Millas Náuticas (3,704 km)

High Velocity

31 nudos/Knots (57.41 km/h aprox.)


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Cortesía Heesen Yachts

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