This ship stands out most of all because of its design, technology and innovations. Baia offers a wide range of yachts for ship owners that need to add to every small detail the most advanced technology and top quality.

This range is in fact made up of seven models, with lengths that go from 14.70 up to 21.68 meters. With the integration of the new “One Hundred” model, with its 31 meters, this one becomes its flagship. It is the most ambitious project lead by the Italian shipyard, with a complete implementation of technological innovations and design. In fact, it´s a result of its predecessor evolution, the Atlantic.


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The new project presents 30 feet more that mix the assistance of an open sports ship, with every luxury detail and with utter habitability in its four double cabins despite its two destined for marine chambers, all type of details have been integrated, reaching some levels of decoration till now unseen in this length, using dark tone woods, material and some straight angles to offer a pleasant sensation of modern decoration, comfort and cosiness, of the highest quality.

The luminosity in its interior is outstanding, offering at all times and in every area a great habitability and room. With this new model, the Italian shipyard has created a new open vessel concept: There are no interruptions between bow and stern. A wide windscreen leave more free space at the bow to create a dinning room- hall area, which is connected with the interiors by an innovative lifting door.

The cabin, with the hard top bow to stern surface totally glazed. In the bow area, it holds a great dinning room for 8 people. At the stern there is a command station, that includes the most complete instrument panel placed above and elegant wooden surface.


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At the stern, the room that is connected to the deck through the bow with a clever folding door is found, which allows basically the creation of a unique atmosphere.
The “One Hundred” architecture has been signed by the office of Carlo Galeazzi, one of the world’s most prestigious names in this type of projects, and, the technical concept came from the study of engineers of Alberto Ascenzi.

Among its most noticeable characteristics there is the 3 motorization options, with two or three motor blocks MTU of 2.430 CV and other with two motor blocks MTU de 3.510 CV, each one with
Arneson transmissions.
With the maximum power, it is believed that the “One Hundred” is able to reach beyond 35 point knots, which is not bad for a careenage that moved 80 tons.
The construction, based on the latest technologies, besides the hybrid kevlar® tissues, offers an outstanding lightness to the whole hull and great sturdiness.


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101 ft


24 ft


3.94 ft

Fuel Capacity

1.980 gal

Fresh water

317 gal


176,367 lbs


2430 Cv X2 - ASD16, ASD 1



Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Cortesía Cantieri di Baia S.p.A