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IIn the yachtworld, certain distinctive seals exist of elegance and exclusivity which allow an Enterprise to relate with the people that know these two concepts of perfection. Each company in the industry is distinguished by one quality, but Fraser Yachts, has the words of “experience and passion” in each of its letters. It is considered the largest yacht company in the industry, in 1947 thanks to a man who, motivated by his passion in boats and navigation since his childhood, achieved the formation of this company based on effort, sacrifice and dedication. 

Mr. David Fraser began building a small vessel at 9 years of age, he wanted to visit a little girl whom he liked, as he headed back the boat didn’t manage to arrive to his destination point. Through time, a friend of his father hired him to work as part of the crew of the Anna R. Heidritter for 3 months. Despite his young age and being the smallest of the team, he was the person who showed more performance and dedication toward his job. When he inaugurated Fraser Yachts, he had ended collage and had obtained his first license as a broker. With his experience and passion toward sailing and sales,  David Fraser began what would be the most important journey of his life, up to date, he positioned  Fraser Yachts as a leader enterprise in the market.





Fraser Yachts wouldn’t be the great company today, if it wasn’t for all the people who collaborate in the team with a main objective, to be the leader in the service of rent and purchase of yachts, besides managing construction and  tripulation. Our team is made of people with the best skills in the industry,it grants the client with support service, assessments and assistance in any aspect of the purchase, rent and operational area of luxury yachts. Whatever your wish is, our team with the knowledge of the most innovative tendencies will take over the coverage and surpassing of your expectations with the professionalism that characterizes us. We have 11 office around the world. In Mexico it opens its doors under the guardianship and guidance of Mr. Jose Luis Arana, due to his vast nautical knowledge, he has arrived to the Mexican market innovating and demonstrating the importance of the voice of experience.  The wide knowledge of Mr.  Jose Arana Senior is the most highly qualified by all brokers worldwide, giving assessments to those who solicit it regarding this luxurious vessels. The honesty with which he works is what has made his clients think of  Fraser Yachts as their best decision. 

An area that without a doubt is basic in this industry, would be the construction sight. Fraser not only gives importance to the embarcations of the market, but also those who portray an idea and whom the client wishes to create into reality. We count with a large group of brokers and assessors with extent knowledge in the construction market. Our decades of experience allow us to negotiate the best contracts and monitoring of the last most minimum detail of the construction along the hand of the shipyard and the client.  




This process is initiated with sketches in paper, practically of the external structure in order to be adapted to the different needs and likes of the client. After this stage is completed and the distribution of spaces is arranged, we work with the best qualified  interior designers of the industry. They are the ones in charge of adding the distinctive touch of the owner and who must carry out the most minimum detail. Each construction is under the guardianship of a Project Manager from Fraser, this person. who is highly qualified will be the representant of the owner, he will defend his interests and make sure that everything results according to planned. The people involved in the project are naval architects, specialists in sound and vibration, electronics, navigation, paint and finishes, specialists in the the elements of construction amongst others. Not only will they receive the support on behalf of the physical construction part, but also of the manager who will in charge of granting the best proposals related with the registration of the yacht, its classification and the legal aspects that might emerge. 

The project will be concluded once the owner takes possession of the yacht. 

Without a doubt, Fraser Yachts is found at the best events, such as the MONACO YACHT SHOW and the FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW, considering that both events are the most luxurious and exclusive. In these events, yachts of great dimensions can be found, which in combination with the presence of the most important companies of the industry, make their marinas shines, as if they were majestic paintings. Over 500 people grant their clients information about the purchase, rent, maintenance, design and water toys.  The presence of Fraser Yachts during the show is unique; amazing luxury yachts, a stand with no comparable design and the brokers with the best experience in the branch. Jose Arana makes of the Boat Shows the best way to meet this new and innovative nautical world.  This year, Fraser Yachts celebrates its 66 anniversary and we would like to thank our customers for their trust. And to Amura’s readers, we would like to extend a cordial invitation to a new experience assuring efficiency, complete satisfaction and excellent results to your requests. We stay at your orders in





Text: Abigaíl Oliva García ± Photo: ©Fraser Yachts your social media marketing partner