For this edition we are finishing with a magnificent model, a yacht that represents the elegance and genius of the Italian house that forged it, worthy representative of its family, Ferreti 881, a peculiar 27 meters that once gain gathers the absolute quality of its components.

Without a doubt, the contrast given by its colors is very noticeable, and lets you realize that this yacht is not just beautiful but functional. The harmony on its dimensions allows you to appreciate the amplitude on the inside and outside, the philosophy of the interior goes hand to hand with the technological and design innovations of the Ferreti family, giving it a more versatile use of the of the on board space. At open sea the advanced controls allow to navigate with style.  






From the exterior, the upper deck has a maneuvering rudder, next to a living room that includes an “L” shaped couch with a table, in front of them two more couches and on stern a very comfortable sun bathing area with available space for carrying a small boat.

On the interior, of exquisite design, a mixture of materials is made to give a quality yet cozy feeling. The next deck, the main hall, has on prow the command Cabin, with an authentic elegance touch, its design is not abandoned in a simple control room, on the contrary, the fine wood and the authentic leather on the seats make this an unusual place representing more than just the navigation controls.  





Following our way to stern, we find ourselves in the equipped kitchen and a stairway access to the rest of the levels, the main dining room for a maximum of 8 people, aside of the entertainment center on the living room and crystal sliding doors leading to an external dining room for another 8 people.

The rooms are located at the lower deck, six with a bathroom each, where the main room and the vip room stand out for the space dedicated to them and the elegance such as the carpet, wood, and linens in them. It also offers two guest cabins, with twin bed and two more for the crew. On stern at the very end, the 881, has sea access, a sun bathing area and it also offers a special kind of garage destined for other water toys.




Last, we can’t forget to mention the hull of this Italian that with its style and shape reaches 31 knots and with its simple design is impeccable to the eye.

Without a doubt, an example that gives strength to the history of overwhelming nautical beau-ties that Ferreti Yachts builds for the world.    







27,03 m / 88’ 8”


6,72 m / 22’ 1”


91.000 kg / 200 621 lbs

Fuel Capacity

9000 l / 2378 gal

Water Capacity

1320 l / 349 gal


2*MTU 16V 2000 M92

Velocidad Máxima

High Speed

31 nudos / knots

Cruise Speed

27 nudos / knots


Text: Viridiana Barahona ± Photo:Cortesía de Ferretti Group. your social media marketing partner