A Fierce with Golden Armor

A typical in its external color: golden, not many shipyards are ventured to tear up the canons dictated by the tradition and the practicity, the AB 140 “Oxyzen” is great and magnificent in each and every one of its corners.

The exterior, regarding the color is aerodynamic and elegant without a doubt at the same time. In its veins runs the beauty and tranquility that the sea provides and when its three powerful engines are turned on, that calm is turned into an energy almost out of control; a beast inside a golden armor.




The exterior spaces are very well thought, since they offer the liberty necessary so you can move very comfortably, without having to avoid obstacles that get on our way.

In the exterior there is enough space to get the perfect tand, in stern as well as in prow an excellent combination is made, between a place to sit down, with tables and cots. In both ends of the vessel we can appreciate it. In the garage there is enough space to accommodate two tenders –one of a rigid hull and another one of a plastic hull (also with a hard bottom).

By clear and simple logic, almost empirical, we know that a lot of power and drive is needed to move an object of 130 tons at a speed near to the 100 km/h.

The interior of the “Oxyzen” is sober, simple and elegant; each detail was supervised and designed very carefully. The switches and controls are discrete but a t the same time perfectly identifiable.





In the main deck we find the social areas, two lounges, of different dimensions which are separated with a screen, the frame for a LCD screen of a very nice size.

A highlight of this deck is that it has a sliding roof in three sections, and this detail may give us an excellent atmosphere for a dinner party or simply to delight us with the view of the stars, while we enjoy the sound of the braking  waves against the hull. Another interesting point is that it has an illumination of different shades in this deck.

The black floor makes a contrast with the light furnishing and with the ceiling in the same shades. Some sliding tables bring flexibility to the spaces and the commodity to have a table that can be adapted to the number of people on board.

In the lower deck the distribution is very well achieved, the spaces always thought in the comfort, with a height of the ceiling very broad and a natural illumination, which exists thanks to the windows that run along both sides of the ship in the two closed levels.





Four cabins coated with commodities and details, practical as well as elegant, with different styles but brightly mimesis and in ensemble they are a sum with impressive results. The cabins have mosaic, with the exception of the double cabin in starboard, which is carpeted. The bathrooms and all the iron fittings have a minimalist tendency, a mix of shapes and girths, from ovals to squares and straight lines.

The main cabin makes the most of all the ­ship’s arm and this range gave the designers and ar­chitects a white canvass to make it spectacular. With a magnificent sense of the comfort, with a touch of intuition, they achieved a cabin intelligently planned, with large open and well proportioned spaces.

The VIP cabin also makes use of the entire sleeve, although in a most centered part of the yacht. The four cabins have their own bathroom respecting, as always, the spaces.

As a whole, in the interior as well as in the exterior and without forgetting the technical part, the AB Yachts “Oxyzen” is a sublime yacht full of pleasant details that we invite you to meet.    







41.60 m / 136' 6''


8.00 m / 26' 3''


1.30 m / 4' 3''

Fuel Capacity

4,179 gal / 19,000l

Engines (Option 1)

3 x mtu 16v2000 m93

3 x 2400 hp

Engines (Option 2)

3 x 26v4000

3 x 3700 hp

Displacem ent

288,806 lb / 131,000 kg

Cruising speed

(opción 1 de motores)

35 nudos / knots

(65 km / h aprox.)

Velocidad Máxima

Maximum Speed

(option 1 Engines)

40 nudos / knots

(74 km / h aprox)

Cruising speed

(option 2 Engines)

46 nudos / knots

(85 km / h aprox.)

Maximum Speed

(opción 2 Engines)

53 nudos / knots

(98 km / h aprox)


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo:AB Yachts.