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In this new edition of Amura Yachts & Lifestyle we present to you the Lazzara 75 LSX, a clear step ahead for this brand where it reflects a combination of the European style with the daring capability of the Americans.

In less than 10 months de development team draw this yacht inspired in the automotive and aeronautical industry, the result was a master piece on the water.

The LSX went from conception to completion in less than ten months. The Lazzara Product Development Team used the rapid prototyping (RP) for drawings, renderings and clay models.  The RP process represents the latest cutting edge technology in design, incorporating 3D shortening time wise the process of creating.

Production managers turned the design concepts into practical boat building applications that require just six months for construction completion. 

The layout is designed with comfort and convenience in mind.  Four couples can dine in the country kitchen under the expansive windshield, relax in the sun, or retire to respective staterooms in total freedom.




Technological considerations maximize entertainment. With adjustable lighting throughout, flat screens and iPods abound, and an ergonomically-designed helm station for peak performance standards.  A tethered dive system, 10’ tender, spacious aft deck with pass-through bar and sun pads will meet every level of activity desired.

The highlight of this boat is the interior distribution, never the less; the open area concedes a good part of the deck to an extended stern, with a solarium occupying a large part of the upper section y equipped with as fully loaded platform. To this it ads up a magnificent outdoor dining table. We must not forget the bow witch matches perfectly with the concept of big open vessels. 




It´s clear that on this design it intervene a pencil or Italian plotter. Not in vain that’s the origin of the owner of the shipyard but the American concept and more the interiors, differentiates this Lazzara of what nowadays is happening in the segment of the hard top vessels.

The teak in the deck and the quality of the stainless steel fittings, combined with the personal touch of the substructure, configurates a great vessel that clearly leaves behind the actual line of the Italian products, masters in these segment.





The principal sign of this innovation in the distribution is the structure of this hard top, made in carbon fiber and reinforced by a cage like structure, so it goes from the bow to the windshield without any mounting.

Speaking of performance, you would think as better performance more complicated maintenance, this is not the case of this 75´ witch has integrated a system of three Volvo Penta engines, that not only takes this vessel up to 27 knots (rare that this type of engines are installed on this size of a yacht), they extremely quiet.





With the Volvo Penta IPS system, the stress of pulling dockside disappears but moving the LSX in any direction takes only the simple push or pull of the joystick controller.  In a different context, the IPS requires just 187 meters for a full turn – that’s about 1/3 less room than comparable inboards.

All of this makes the Lazzara 75’ to be the perfect combination of luxury, performance and technology that gives us the combination of both worlds like the European and the American. 





25.6 m / 76’ 9”


5.48 m / 18’ 2”

Fuel Capacity

6,215 L / 830 gal

Water Capacity

1,497 L / 200 gal


Volvo Penta IPS-600 diesel

Cruising Speed

29 nudos / Knots


Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo:Lazzara Yachts. your social media marketing partner