Directly to the elegance

With elegant, style completely attractive, navigation at a maximum speed of 33 knots, the Italian shipyard Canados offers its model of 86’ (of 26  meters), which once again raises a hand in total excellence, conjugating beauty and functionality in this motor-yacht.

Canados 86’ shows a sportive hull totally modern. Combines light shades which contrast with the large Windows available at the front and at the sides. Offers a flybridge with free space to tan, divided in two sections in which cots, tanning beds and a dining room are the ones that shape this context. Towards prow, to the front, we find the external command control.





In its interiors it carries a fine touch of elegance. Together with a minimalistic design, the simplicity and the modernity are reflected in each corner of this model, in which the fine colors emphasize the maturity of the shipyard, when it develops vessels such as the Canados 86’.

Starting with the tour in the command cabin the spaciousness that it offers to the captain in space and view is ideal to navigate in any ocean. The technology navigates along with the controls and assures a great experience on board; there is an available seat besides for navigators.

Still in this deck we find all the amenities as an equipped kitchen, a dining room available for eight, and a lounge to relax, while going out to stern, you can occupy another lounge with a magnificent view to the ocean.







Through a large hall, you can gain access to each one of the areas as well as to the staircase that take us to the lower deck. It is worth to mention that most part of the yacht is carpeted and that the material with which it was made, from the wood to its lounges, highly denote elegance.

At last, but not least important, we arrive to the lower deck, place completely dedicated to the cabins which offer as the main that of the owner just in the middle of the yacht, a VIP for guests, two with twin beds and two more for the crew members. Each room has its own bathroom, in which once again the simple style shows luxury in its interior.

Without a doubt Canados 86’ it is a yacht projected for the future, that it doesn’t losses the touch and tradition of its manufacturer, because it remarks the classic touch of its ancestors and shows how easy it is to navigate in high seas in this magnificent model of 26 meters, ready for our delight.






26 m / 86'


6 m / 21'


65,50 ton (CAT)

68 ton (MTU)

Fuel Capacity

9,000 L / 2,378 gal

Water Capacity

1,801 L / 476 gal


MTU 12V 2x1800 hp

CAT C32 ACERT2x180hp

Maximum Speed

33 nudos / Knots

Cruising Speed

29 nudos / Knots


Text: Viridiana Barahona G. ± Photo: Canados