The past 24th and 25th of May The International Sports Fishing Tournament “Acapulco Brilla” 2008 took place, which had the participation of enthusiasts from Mexico, as well as from Miami, San Diego, Houston, France and Italy.

This sport fishing tournament, organized with the support of the Office of Conventions and Visitors of Acapulco and several sponsors included the categories of Swordfish and Marlin and had a nourished participation of vessels.

This tournament initiates as a new stage of the Port of Acapulco, in which the purpose is to promote la renovation and growth as well as in attractions as in infrastructure for the visitors delight.



In the final results, in the Marlin category, the winners were the crew members of the vessel “Voy por uno” belonging to the Acapulco Yacht Club, who managed to catch a specimen of 3.65 meters long and a weight of 128.5 kilograms.

In the other category of Swordfish the winner was the boat “Cotorrona” also, from Acapulco Yacht Club, they managed to capture a piece of 31.2 kilos and 2.85 meters long.

With the organization of this and other events, the Office of Conventions and Visitors of Acapulco are promoting this beautiful port, inviting the visitors to enjoy of its wonderful beaches, as well as its attractions and beauties.

In Acapulco it is possible to have a variety of activities that go from specialized Spas, ecotourism and adventure, night life, recreational activities, shopping and culture. This destination has countless options for staying at and has the vacations according to your needs and taste.  


Text: Rafael Luna Grajeda ± Photo: