With the presence of over 150 thousand visitors from all over the world, the version 2008 of the Miami Boat Show was celebrated fromthe 14 to the 18 of February in the Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center and the Miamarina at Bayside (Strictly Sail Miami).        

During the event a great variety of articles were presented from super sophisticated technology, such as radars, controllers with a larger maneuver capacity that allows tomove the boats laterally and rotate them 360 degrees over its own shaft, propellers oriented towards the stern; up to shoes and clothes specialized for navigation, patches to avoid sea-sickness; rods and decoys to attract the fishes; very practical kitchen instruments, and a whole world of articles relatedwith the nautical.          




The event countedwithmost of the companies associated with the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) of the United States, which is the association that represents the industry of the recreational navigation that moves 39 thousandmillions of dollars a year.           

During the conferences in the Boat Show there were given seminars relatedwith themaintenance and crew and boats safety, to the protection of the seas and the causes and effects of the globalwarming and there were some photography contests related with the nautical, paintings exhibitions and also amusements for kids, such as learning howto built a boat at home,were some of the other attractions of the Boat Show.         




Honda, Yamaha, Spaziale Splendy, Volvo, Tiara, Azimuth, presented theirmost recent and innovative launches. And as an example the Mer Cruiser 360 degrees is nothing less than a maneuverability revolution, besides the beauty in the line and accessories. You may be an experimented navigator or a beginner, but always any person may find in this fair the suitable boat at the best prices, since the offers and specials are part of the agenda.     

Themost prestigious boatsmanufacturers and products related take advantage of this magnificent event to launch and exhibit the latest and most innovative of their products and services. It is equally large the logistics and organization of the different activities that took place from the 14th to the 18th of the secondmonth of this year. In this version number 67 of the “Miami International Boat Show” had 2,212 exhibiting from different parts of the world. These presented over 3,000 boats in exhibition and 50 of those boats were catamarans that were exposed in Strictly Sail where the sails could also be seen.            People from all over the world came to the event since all the buyers know that during this event you can obtain very good prices since it is the start of the boat season and for that reason the event serves as a sales barometer for the rest of the year, because it attracts an international audience of qualified buyers. Something to highlight during the show was the presence of boats designed to have multiple uses such as the fishing and other aquatic activities.       



We could mention that during the event you could see the latest ads of the large companies with regards to sailboats, motor boats, yachts and cruises, boats and fishing yachts, motors and accessories in general. 


Newboats and products

Among the main companies that presented their new motor models were Honda and Yamaha, who count with a broad variety of options in over board motors for all kind of fishing and entertainment.

 Among the products that were presented in this great event, some were outstanding such as the prestigious American shipyard Rampage Yachts which presented the unit “Demo” of the Rampage 41´ Express, especially conceived for the sportive fishing, this boat Open type of 13,50 meters long and 4,87meters beam, allows the combined use of the of-shore and cruise fishing.             

Thanks to the design of its hull, with the spectacular choppy of its bow timbers (Carolina Flare), its V shape hull with evolutional tunnels, and the thickness of the laminated fiber under the water line, this boat allows us to navigate under really harsh weather conditions.            

On the other hand, the company Cruiser Yachts continues its expansion and introduced its boat 360 Express, of 11.6meters and a exterior sportive style which once on board, the openness and interior of the personalization of the pilots cabin will captivate evenmore to clients and, of course presents its functional windshield which provides an easy and safe access fromdeck to bow.   



 The 360 counts with a complete range to gas or power options of diesel that have enough space for amenities such as a Wet Bar, collapsible tables that permit a larger space and refrigerator and grill.              

Finally the boat has a bedroom with a Queen Size bed, as well as a small closet to hang the clothes and it also counts with an inner lounge interior and a kitchenette in an area completely exposed to the sunlight.         

  But there were not only boats, the miami Boat Show also was distinguished for the introduction of a broad range of products that have something to do with navigation world, such as clothes specially made for navigate and whites to equip your boat.            Such was the case of the firm Spaz!ale Splendy company that after its succesful participation I then Genoa International Boat Show in the last September made its debut in the Miami Boat Show, introducing an ultra light plush bath coat, of only 300 grams and which ocupies around one fourth of the space needed for a traditional bath robe.     

This is thanks to the designers that used an innovative material, a 100% of Splenditex microfiber, to create a comfortable dressing garnment, efective and light which ocupies scarcely any space. The result was Spaz!ale Splendy, a coat which allows to improve the way in which the people keeps dry for those oat lovers and sea enthusiasts.          

And from the textiles we go to the mere technology, to the announcement that the yacht manufacturers Azimuth, leader in luxury yachts, when they introduced a revolutionary innovation with the “intelligent” Gyroscopic stabilizer for your yachts that will offer the owners a new option of luxury and comfort.     



This innovation in the luxury yachts world is the first one that carries out an Italian company and this new system that will be provided by Seakeeper Inc., makes possible to stop the movement due to the waves in a completely innovative way which is considerably more effective, compact, light and with a very little energy consumption, against the systems that are now a days in the market.          

 The gyroscopic stabilizer developed by Seakeeper provides advantages in the operation and the efficiency thanks to the computer control and the rotation of the steering wheel of the gyroscope in a gap, innovations that are not available in any competitive product. The result is the virtual elimination of the boats’ movement when it is anchored and substantial stabilization upon a range of speeds, even in rough seas.    


The Yachts

Among the yachts introduced in the event the Lazzara LSX Quad 75 stands out, excellent boat of 23 meters (76 feet), which has evolved its lines to reflect a combination of European style.

The design tends to the comfort and to the convenience in mind. The Lazzara 75 LSX Quad, designed and built by one of the worlds most prestigious shipyards, has been introduced for the first time in America. To the design of the Lazzara 75 LSX QUAD, are added the operational, comfort and technology, maximizing like this its leisure and safety options. 




The motors and the propelling systems make the LSX one of the yachts of high range of use and easiest drive in the market. The Volvo Penta IPS 600 system is ideal for its four motors configuration, all of this grants it to be in the category of the most powerful and of the most economic at the same time.         

Its easy drive overwhelms through its new joystick, soft and precise, which turns this yacht in apt up to for the most inexperienced captains on top, it is more noiseless.


Another launching was the Azimuth 58 of 17.88 meters (58 feet), which disposes of two roomy external zones, the Fly Bridge, where, next to the second command post is a piece of furniture with space for a grill, fridge and sink and a great circular seat and other, the stern deck, with a table and seating up to 8 people.          





It also has two tanning areas, one in bow and another in the Fly Bridge. In the  bathing  platform  is accommodated a (RIB) Avon boat with a motor of 40 CV. The inner distribution of the ship is arranged as follows.        

It has a roomy main habitation which classic style confers it a tremendous warm appearance, where the lounge and the dining room for eight people are located, the main steer post which is equipped with the last generation of navigation and safety systems configured in high speed net, the kitchen and the bar’s bar.     

The kitchen is equipped with an oven, dishwasher, microwave, ant the satellite telephone insures that you will be able to be connected at all times with the exterior if that is what you want. The cabins are large and roomy. It has a great Armador cabin with TV and radio CD player and two doubles for guests (one of them with twin beds), each if them with its own independent bathroom. The crew’s cabin is located in the ships stern, and each of them has an automatic air-conditioned. 




The Ferretti 780 of 24 meters (78 feet) with four cabins, is recognized to the renown shipyard Ferretti Yacht, which with its model Ferretti 780 confirms the great quality, operational and esthetic standards which all their fleet have. Making an elegant contrast with the tonalities, as for its interior as well as for its exterior, the 780 demonstrates that it is possible to find the balance in each essential element from bow to stern to accomplish the perfect crossing.           

 This 24 meters yacht has a complete innovative design that insures that in each corner on bard there are broad spaces where you play with the minimalistic, the quality and most of all the fine woods with it was built, another characteristic of Ferretti. Ready for the high seas, the command cabin offers attractive gray finishing’s and has the highest technology in stabilizer and control systems. Amenities as an “L”  shaped armchair encloses the steering wheel for thee passengers enjoy the trip.           





In the main lounge you can appreciate the living room with comfortable sofas and exquisite furniture in resources. Aside the dining-room is available for eight people and towards bow is the fully equipped. Everything with fine finishing’s combining woods and extremely soft shades. Throughout the yacht are the lateral and frontal large windows that allow appreciating each second of the way.           

As much a she exterior, this yacht offers a variety of spaces to enjoy of the sun with great comfort. In the upper deck a kind of an outdoor lounge and roof with a half circle armchair and some controls to take the control of the Ferretti 780 from up there. In the inferior cabin, in stern, we find a nice dining-room lounge style ready to enjoy the view of the ocean.         





And finally the Sunseeker Predator 82 es de 170 dpi of 24 meters is a marvel and in its new version sets the principles of the dynamism and of the design so it can offer more space and comfort than ever. With a sort of a rotating roof in its upper level, the illumination of the boat turns into something extraordinaire.         

Peace, style and opulence without rivalry is what was offered in the announcements in the Miami Boat Show, this yacht with an incomparable performance, without a doubt was the main attraction for all the ones that search for the best of life.           

Among its amenities it counts with a garage for a small boat, fixed platform for amusement, wet bar, flat screen TV sets, prime quality audio system and all the conveniences in the cabins so that the guests enjoy agreeable trips.        

This way, this great event was closed which year after year presents what’s new in all the segments of the nautical industry as far as amusement and entertainment is concerned.   





Text: Viridiana Barahona ± Photo: Cortesía de los organizadores / archivo.