Fantasy, Genius and Style

Sunriva reaffirms the rich history of Riva boats, while driving it at the same time. This concept of a “one-day cruiser” unites style with comfort. This celebrated boat is fast for voyages­, agile to handle and perfect for spending an intense day on the water.

In terms of lines and performance, the Sunriva is reminiscent of the Aquariva, but with much more of its own style. With strict attention to detail, the true and unparalleled work of craftsmanship and excellence with no compromise result in surprisingly beautiful and durable yachts and pleasure boats. Riva manufactures vessels worthy of the sea. 

The Sunriva, designed by Mauro Micheli and the Officina Italian Design team, is an adaptation of the Aquariva. With its retro-style fiber glass hull, with its dramatic curves and open position, the Sunriva will surely make heads turn.

Many yacht owners want their craft to be unique and when this is not possible, the option is to choose a design of proven quality, in which every detail has been fully tested. The Sunriva has these two characteristics, combining unique style with performance unmatched in the industry.



If there is a different way to sail, it was invented by Riva thanks to its fantasy, genius and style. With these characteristics, Riva was able to interpret the relationship between the vessel’s owner and the sea, even in smaller boats.

In all its versions, Sunriva has demonstrated the skill of renewing the proposal of its characteristics. Its 33 pies, ideal for spending an intense day at sea, its ability to function as fast transportation and its maneuverability, thanks to its central intelligence console, make this vessel very comfortable and enjoyable, not to mention its large swimming platform, sunbathing areas and its large benches on the bow that invite you to sit down and have a drink. Sunriva is, in the Riva tradition, full of comfort, including, obviously, a bathing area.       

Due to these characteristics, the Sunriva, together with the Aquariva, has become a sailing “classic” in a very short time among boats with short histories.        







9.89 m / 33 ft


2.80 m / 9' 2''


0.90 m / 2' 11''

Displacement (unladen)

5, 600 kg

Maximum Power Output

2 x 370 HP

Fuel capacity

480 L / 127 gal

Fresh Water Capacity

130 L / 34 gal

Cruising Speed

36 nudos / Knots

Maximum Speed

42 nudos / Knots


Text: Rafael Luna Grajeda ± Photo: Cortesía de Riva.