Design & High Tecnology

For some reason this yacht builder generates a duality between the surprising and the quality of its vessels, whether for the design, the techniques, materials, new innovation or a conjugation of all these factors. This beautiful yacht from Wally called “Esense” follows the same principles and we are filled with surprise on admiring it, its lines are impeccable, its finish impressive, its dimensions are enormous and from bow to stern we find ingenious and practical features.

It looks impressive in full sail, the mast is a “mere” 57.25 meters (187’ 10”) high and the sail area is a surprising 900 m2 (83, 839 ft2). The open spaces on the deck are surprising; everything has been planned and built with the firm intention of creating an area free of visual contamination, so much so, that the only thing that stands out is the double helm that can be steered from both sides and a central control console full of instruments. Thanks to these systems, the fewer crew is required, which results in great savings and greater space for guests.  The sail and mast control systems are automated and can be operated at the touch of a button.




The most impressive thing is that everything is designed to be as efficient as possible; for example the mainsail can be unfurled in only three minutes. On deck, there is also an area that can be used for dining and has excellent space for up to 12 people. This area is in the shape of a “C”, located amidships facing the stern. Further aft, also facing the stern is a skylight that breaks the simplicity of the whole. Almost at the stern, at the entry to the lower deck, there is an area that links the exterior and the interior because its large central windows open completely to join the two areas.






Moving below decks, we start in the main lounge that makes excellent use of the light that shines in through the windows facing the stern from the area described beforehand, an interior-exterior social area. Fortunately, and because this yacht has been conceived like that and not as other yachts in its category which includes motor yachts that can be sailed, interior space is very large and the design and the solutions ingenious, practical and versatile since they are inspired by retro trends and mixed with minimalism, the interior suggests simplicity and beauty that results in a place of total relaxation.






The cabin distribution is very well thought out: the first two en-route towards the bow are the guests’ cabins, passing the main lounge, one to port and one to starboard.  These cabins become part of the main lounge thanks to their ingenious walls that slight towards the center of the vessel to combine the spaces. 

The next stop on our tour is the galley, which within its simple lines and impeccable finish hides and arsenal worthy of the most exclusive restaurant.  Here we find a sliding panel that separates the galley from the general area.  We then move on to the engine room separated by insulation panels in order to complete the feeling of interior peace with a true ambience of tranquility. Further aft, we find the owner’s cabin, which as expected, is the largest and most sumptuous of all with all today’s luxuries and comforts. A point worthy of mention is that the four liquid crystal screens on board can be hidden behind folding panels in the ceiling.        







43.70m / 143' 4"


8.57m / 28' 1"


4.00 m - 6.00 m / 13' 1"- 19' 8"

Fuel capacity

14,000 L / 3, 080 gal

Fresh Water Capacity

6,000 L / 1, 320 gal


1 X Caterpillar

(1 X 550 HP @ 2100 r/m)             

Sail Area

83,830 ft2900 m2            

Displacement (Laden)

140,000 kg / 308, 647 lb


40, 000 Kg / 88, 185 lb


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget y Toni Meneguzzo.