Careful speed

This water dart, like its big brother, the Wally Power 118. has a very aggressive design, as if it has been conceived for war and not as a luxury recreation craft. Even the paintwork is special. developed by Dupont®, so everything comes together to give you that charm by owning one of these exotic exponents of the maritime world.

Wally is known in the mailing world for its use of “state of the art” materials and technology; it is at the cutting edge and therefore its craft are intended for the most demanding of clients. They take into account many criteria to arrive at ingenious solutions that combine practicality, beauty and simplicity.


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The exterior is aggressive and clean with predominating lines and angles, thanks to the use of structural glass on most of the upper deck, the natural light and the views are impressive. The upper deck is a space to enjoy both the fresh air and the protection afforded by the covered part. Outside, there is a splendid table for five diners that uses the aft sundeck as another seating area, making enough space for 10 diners. Further forward. we find the lounge and the covered dining area that complement each other to make this area multifunctional. Starboard and towards the bow. we find the bridge, and the stairway is to port that gives access to the lower deck followed by a storage cabinet. A few steps further on toward the bow. we find two loungers or futons to relaxing and enjoy protected from the sun.


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The lower deck offers three options, one with a suite, another with a main cabin, three small cabins and a space and the third option of three larger cabins. We must point out that, obviously, the finishings are first class and that besides all the latest technology aboard, in all the cabins and areas of the vessel, the engines, navigation systems, location systems and in general, of everything necessary to enjoy daytrips and slightly longer voyages.

The galley competes with any luxury hotel kitchen, as well as the beauty, simplicity, modernness and image of the shiny aluminum finishings. All the fixtures and fittings are chrome or gray, combining with the furniture and the shelves. A feature that stands out is the clean lines and the use of few adornments, with is rather minimalist. Functional but simple, relatively free of adornments. pictures or complications.

It is a craft designed to enjoy high speed sailing, since it has a maximum speed of 40 knots, which tells us that its mechanics are also up there with the best It is not limited in any aspect whatsoever, resulting in craft that are very coveted and desired. 


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72' 0''


18' 0''


3' 1''

Fuel capacity

836 gal

Freshwater Capacity

143 gal

Sewage water capacity

33 gal


2 X MTU 10V 2000 M93

2 X 1 520 HP

Fully laden

74,957 lb

Max. speed

40 knots



Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Amura