The New Face of Speed

For those unfamiliar with the brand (although they must be very few) Baja Marine is a boatyard that focuses on the development and construction of high-performance, very fast sporting boats. In this case we are talking about one of the largest they produce, since above this model,  there is only the 40 foot version.

This version is the standard, but there is a version called Pocker Run which weighs 1000 lbs (approximately 453.59 kg) less thanks to the use of Kevlar® carbon fiber in its construction. Other differences are the exterior paint work and equipment, but we will talk about that in another edition.



Turning to what concerns us in this case, the 2007 model Outlaw 35 can be defined as a sporting boat with a very aggressive image, even the colors and the design used on the hull are aggressive. Red is a color that has always been characterized as being associated with sports and danger and this is no exception. The red used in contrast with the black and gray produce an interesting effect, added to the design of the profile of the boat. If we turn on the switch and release the reins of this aquatic luge, the maximum speed it can reach with the standard engine is impressive: 63 knots (approximately 117 km/h), without even talking of what can be achieved with larger engines of up to 600 horsepower.

Within the options available for the Outlaw 35, there are three additional engines over and above the standard version that produce the impressive power of 700 horsepower (2 X 375 horsepower) and the most powerful “just in case a little extra power is needed” of 1200 horsepower (2 X 600 horsepower). On board, the chromatic contrasts continue, white with red, black and gray upholstery with a silver and black steering wheel.

Inside, there is everything for a full day’s relaxation including, should we decide and weather conditions permitting, everything necessary to spend the night offshore. Below decks, there is space for two people although the passenger capacity is eight. There is a small space for relaxing and sitting in the shade, which at night, thanks to an extension, converts into a double bed. There is a bathroom, microwave oven, a small refrigerator, a sink, a small food preparation area and a cupboard.

In conclusion, if we are looking for an attractive, fast, comfortable craft and do not want to return to port to sleep or want to enjoy a night onshore, the Outlaw 35 is the boat we are looking for.         












Fuel capacity

154 gal


(Option 1)         

2 X MerCruiser®

(Option 2)         

2 X MerCruiser®

496 Magnum HO 2 X 425 HP

(Option 3)         

2 X MerCruiser®

HP 525 EFI 2 X 525 HP

(Option 4 )        

2 X MerCruiser®

HP 600 SCI 2 X 600 HP


(Option 1)        

3,674 kg 

Maximum speed

(Opction 1)         

63 knots 


Text: Edmundo Eguiarte ± Photo: Baja Marine Yachts.