Only very few vessels can afford the luxury of boasting of being a conjunction of speed, beauty and technology, as well as having been designed to the requests of clients that enjoy both sailing regattas and well deserved moments of recreation. This is the Alexia.

This beautiful sloop is the conjunction of shoulder-to-shoulder work by all involved, from the skipper to the crewmen, passing through all levels. To sum up, this yacht, besides carrying on board the finest selection of components, has a fully human touch, which, especially for the owner, has a special value, since it implies that the result is a unique vessel, which meets all the spec- ifications requested.


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The exterior looks completely like a competi- tion yacht; extremely clean lines considered for race performance, which even when unrigged, it is evident that we are dealing the vessel designed to fight sea battles. The masts, as are many compo- nents of this boat and as a Wally custom, for the most part are made of carbon fiber, which gives them rigidity and lightness, as well as resistance.

Once the sails are unfurled, there is not the slightest doubt of what this yacht is capable dur- ing a race, with all the sails unfurled in their magnificence; we know beforehand what can be expected once this efficient yacht sets sail.

Below decks, we find the predominance of wood that offers us the unmatchable warmth of any other material; everything is balanced from the distribution through to the furnishings and upholstery. It is evident that practicality and comfort were sought from the very beginning in this vessel, but above all, freedom of movement, as well as the ergonomics it affords.


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The main lounge is living proof of this because besides its impeccable distribution and the size of its areas, all possible space is used to the full, with the bookcases on both sides as evidence of this. It is also notable that despite their proximity, both the dining room and the lounge are perfectly and very subtly defined.

Further forward, we find two double cabins, both with full integrated bathrooms, wardrobes and the amenities expected of a yacht of this class. In the bow, we find the owner’s cabin, which has two individual beds, a spacious bathroom to star- board, while on the port side, a very large dressing room. To the stern, aft from the main lounge, we find the galley towards starboard, whose equipment allows sailors to enjoy the delicious culinary delights offered by the sea. Passing the galley, towards the stern, we find the crew area, a very pleasant area with a center table and a sofa on the starboard side. The large apparatus such as the refrigerators and the dishwashers can be found to port and continuing aft, we find the crew cabins, two doubles with their own bathrooms and a communal shower. Access to these cabins is through the main exterior deck.

Lastly, also at the stem, there is a garage for the auxiliary launch, which is also of a good size. 


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100’ 6”
21’ 11”
14’ 9”
(1 X 315 BHP @ 3300 RPM)
Fuel capacity
572 gal
Fresh Water Capacity (Two Tanks)
418 gal
Displacement (Laden)
35,274 lb
Sail area
5,124 ft2



Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Wally Yachts