Bisbee’s tournament includes three fishing tournaments in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The first is called Buenavista-Bisbee’s, held in Los Cabos and the rest in Cabo San Lucas, one of them called the Black & Blue Marlin Jackpot Tournament.

The Buenavista-Bisbee’s tournament is held from the 1st to the 5th of August and concentrates on Dolphin fish, tuna and marlin. Buenavista is located to the north of San José del Cabo, where sport fishing professionals from different countries meet, although Mexicans and Americans predominate.


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The seat of this event was the Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort and on the second day, starting pistol was fired by Governor Narciso Agundez Montañez, accompanied by guests aboard the vessel Outlaw, signaling the start of the first day of fishing.

The winning team was “Mi corazón” that caught a blue marlin weighing 418 lb and received a check for US$152,411. Second place was won by the “Las Mañanitas” team that hauled in a blue marlin 341 lbs and a check for US$ 74,334.

In the dolphin fish category, first place went to the “Cowboy Vil” team with specimen of S4.8 lbs and a check for US$ 27,552. In the tuna catego- ry, the champions were the “Makaira” team with a catch of 132 lbs and US$9,072.

S2 vessels took part, as well as the 248 fisher- men and 172 swordfish that contributed to mak- ing the Buenavista-Bisbee's Tournament a real success. And a record-breaking 300,240 dollars in cash awards. 


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Texto: Oscar Daccarett ± Foto: Danny Mathews your social media marketing partner