Symbol of italian style

Aquariva is the smallest member of the Riva Yachts family. Barely ten meters in length, it does not cast aside any elegance and style whatsoever. The presence of fine woods and the absolute care taken in the details makes the Aquariva a very sought after and appreciated possession by collectors.

Due to its size, the craftsmen made everything by hand; therefore, by defining each component, the result is unique. It reaches a maximum speed of 36 knots and a cruising speed of 32.


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It can carry up to 8 people aboard. The helm is open-air and its controls offer the best and strictest functionality; so the skipper will find piloting it easy, and all in a small space. Its seat is comfortable and the visibility imposing on being uncovered because the only view in front is the sea. It is the ideal boat to travel as a couple. The sundeck is a rest area for two and the U-shaped sofa exploits the beam of the boat.

The hull is black and the contrast with the fine woods gives it a touch of exquisite elegance. It has a maximum displacement of 5.75 tons.


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The engines give it an untouchable strength: two Yanmar 6 LYA/STP of 370 HP that will make your voyage a delight on not having to worry about a thing.

All this makes the Aquariva into the symbol of Italian style, not only because of the care taken by its craftsmen to craft every corner, but also for its resistance, power and vigor of the smallest Riva.

The boat’s lines define the style of one of the most prestigious boat builders in the world. Riva Yachts is a company that satisfies its clients’ most demanding tastes by offering boats such as the Aquariva 33, as well as its megayachts up to 115 feet long. 


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9’ 2”
2* YANMAR 6 LYA / STP power HP
Max. speed
42 knots
Cruising speed
36 knots
Fuel capacity
480 gal
Water Capacity
130 L / 34 gal
Full load
5.75 t



Text: Irma Patiño ± Photo: Riva Yachts