World eliminating rounds

The Class J24 World Championship is approaching, to be held in Mexican waters in 2007 so the eliminating rounds have produced results at their traditional home at the Coporito Marina at Valle de Bravo.

Four new yachts stood out in the third eliminating round, which will represent Mexico in the world regatta at Nuevo Vallarta.

June 10 and 11 were special days because various teams made their best efforts to reach the coveted position and be worthy of representing their country.

The event took place is varying conditions; on the first day of competition, the weather imposed real challenges in the Class J24 skippers: rain, cold and mist also placed a part and did not let the wind help the crews at all.



However, during the following morning, the conditions improved and the wind reached 11 knots with changeable winds of 5 to 20 degrees.

The crews that knew how to take the best advantage of the changes benefited the most by sailing in front of their opponents and catching the free winds allowed them to achieve excellent results.

The level of importance of the J24 fleet’s competition and enthusiasm continues to grow. The key factor of the wining crews was good team communication and the maneuvers performed on board, all of which allowed the crews to reach the top places and guarantee their tickets to the world regatta.

The AMURA team is on the right heading and is a strong candidate to form a part of the Mexican team.     



Text: Manuel Villareal ± Photo: Alma Correa.