A Sybarites Dream

As the title of the article emphasizes, this could be considered as the yacht of a sybarite’s dreams because it has more space to enjoy the sun than yachts of twice its size.  Thanks to the use of glass in all possible points and taking advantage of the space to the maximum, there is a great amount  of outdoor space, such as the bow sundeck for two people, the aft sundeck for two or three people, which is linked to an outside lounge, the roof is almost entirely of glass and slides open exactly in the middle, just above the table on the main deck. All this allows passengers to dine in either an open or closed ambience, depending on their mood.

Besides all this, almost the entire main deck is made of glass, with the exception of the supporting columns, which are made of metal. Storage was something that was thought a lot about when building this yacht since the maximum use of the space available was sought; proof of this is the stern ‘garage’ for the tender launch, diving equipment and other marine toys. Inside is no exception because wherever you look, there is storage space, whether for suitcases, because all possible space is used.



What attracts our attention on the main deck is the control center located amidships to the starboard and allows excellent forward and side visibility.  The entire bridge has been designed ergonomically so the instruments and controls can be easily reached and read even in difficult conditions.  The seat has been conceived in the same manner for maximum comfort and therefore, the yacht can be enjoyed from here, as well as from anywhere else on board.



Despite the size of the yacht, there are three comfortable cabins on the lower deck, two with double beds (amidships and in the bow), both with their own bathroom. The bow cabin is VIP and the mid-cabin is for the Captain, opposite the lounge, which in turn serves as a dining room fax to its well-equipped galley that offers the chef everything required to prepare dishes for the most demanding palates. From the galley toward the stern, there is another cabin with twin beds, which shares the communal bathroom by simply crossing the passageway.

In conclusion, this is a motor yacht that meets the most demanding requirements without being too large, in terms of length, but is actually very large in terms of features, comforts, space and above all, sheer fun.    






16.69 m / 54’ 9”


4.65 m / 15’ 3”


1.47 m / 4’ 10”

Fuel Capacity

2,000 L / 440 gal

Water Capacity

650 L / 143 gal


2 X Caterpillar C12

2 X 710 HP


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Gobbi Atlantis.

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