A Powerful Hunter

Sf what you love about the sea is pursuing a sailfish until it succumbs after an arduous fight, this boat will help you savor that moment and all the hullabaloo that goes on before and after, as well as enjoying the ride and some moments of tranquility.

As always, it is important to highlight the purpose for which a boat was conceived. In this case, it was designed as a fishing yacht and that is why there are spaces specifically intended to store rods, bait, lines, etc. A great deal of the success of this vessel is due to the feedback that Cabo Yachts has tried to cultivate among its clients. The 48 Flybridge is the culmination of an arduous task carried out by production and design personnel to coordinate and make the needs of the clients of this shipyard a reality.


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After an intense day of deep sea fishing and after having prepared, cooked and eaten this booty (and, if Mother Nature was generous, freezing some as well), what you look for is an excellent, comfortable place for some rest and relaxation.  And this is another feature of this yacht. Its design is functional, it contains three staterooms and two complete bathrooms, and it can perfectly accommodate six people.

There is a master stateroom with a complete bathroom and a double bed, as well as a closet. The VIP stateroom is almost the same as the master stateroom, but it shares the bathroom with another cabin furnished with bunk beds.

The distribution of the exterior, as you would expect, is focused on fishing. There are ample spaces on the outer deck for any activity, and on the raised deck the chairs for the captain and copilot can spin 360 degrees. The railing behind the chairs is equipped to sustain fishing rods so that anglers can be completely alert to what is going on around them.


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In the lower part of the stem, just underneath the elevated bridge, there is room for all your fishing needs, including a sink for scaling and refrigerating the fish. There is also space for holding rods and storing bait (live or dead), as well as all the necessary fishing equipment.

This sports fishing yacht reaches excellent speed and even the fastest fish are exhausted after competing with the power of its engines. There are four engines to choose from, although tests were only made with two of them, which is why only these appear on the chart.

In conclusion, independent of your love of fishing, this is a yacht for enjoying the sea in all its grandeur, for a sunset sail or a delicious dinner on the sea or just for spending time away from the  hustle and bustle of the city. 


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14.50 m 
4.77 m 
1.22 m 
20.4 t
Water capacity
317 gal
Fuel capacity
3, 860 L 
Water capacity
378.50 L 
(option 1)
2 X CAT C18 746 kW
(2 X 1000 hp)
(option 2)
2 X MAN D2840LE
403 772 kW
(2 X 1036 hp)
Max. speed
(option 1)
34.1 knots
(option 2)
37.1 knots


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Jeanneau