The Heart of Scorpion

This boat embodies the tradition of a shipyard renowned for such excellent quality that in 1984, after being in business for over a century, it was awarded the title of “royal". For the Royal Huisman, they decided to build a sailboat that truly characterized the spirit of the company. And that is how the Antares was born.

The proprietor gave Bill Dixon, a naval architect, and Dick Young, an interior designer, carte blanche, both for the exterior and interior, and those profes- sionals created this seagoing jewel linked to the heavens.


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In the middle of the Scorpio Constellation is Antares, a star that, because of its reddish light, has been nicknamed “the Heart of the Scorpion”.

Both the exterior and interior of the Antares of Royal Huisman are strikingly beautiful. Either with the sails unfurled or down, the exterior is a visual delight, with the two white masts, its navy blue hull and the wood finishes on the deck. And all this splen- dor is an invitation to go sailing.

Its interior is a warm welcome to a world of rest and relaxation and shows us how delightful life can be. An outstanding feature of the common areas and staterooms is the use of dark woods in combination with light textiles.


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There are four cabins (each has a private bathroom) for guests and the proprietor, two dining areas (the main one indoors and the other outdoors), a huge kitchen and a living room. The interior command post is a marvel of engineering, with all the most modem advances in navigation.

For moments of leisure, there is a living room with an enormous plasma screen that is the focal point of the room; the ample dining room accommodates eight, and toward the stem is a spacious living room with a excellent view of the exterior dining area and the open seas, as well as the two rudders.

Luxury is apparent everywhere and all the details and technology have been put in place to satisfy the specifications of the most exigent clients. Antares is an invitation for a journey to the stars. 


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131’ 3”
28’ 10”
13’ 11”
22 t
Water capacity
14,000 L/day
MTU 8V 2000 M70
(525 kW/715 HP @
2100 rpm)



Text: Royal Huisman ± Photo: Royal Huisman