The best regatta competitions in Valle de Bravo took place within the framework of the Triple Copa Scappino Pininfarina on February 18, 2006. This Cup was organized for the second consecutive year and is becoming popular among sailing, golf and equestrian aficionados.

Valle de Bravo received around 300 fans of the local sport of the area and the lake sheltered the different categories of sailboats that participated in the regattas of the Club Náutico de Valle de Bravo “Coporito”, Avandaro and La Peña, who opened their doors to welcome the sailors who were present during the weekend.



Saturday evening the boats that took the lead received recognition and the final awards where presented in Coporito at the end of the second and last round of tests.

In this way, Scappino organized a grand sports festival and achieved its goal of bringing together the finest representatives of horsemanship, sailing and golf in a spectacular competition.     






Text: AMURA ± Photo: Scappino