Underwater Fishing

To dive amongst corals and boat wrecks can be exciting for the larger part of the divers, that’s why there are different alternatives for the submarine exploration, like deep-sea diving, nocturnal diving or free diving. All the ways offer enough reasons to get wrapped in neoprene and jump over starboard, but there is one of them who states more challenges than just a ride, the submarine fishing.

Acapulco is a well known destination to practice the submarine fishing, for which there are certain requirements that have to be met, both legal and equipmentwise. On one hand, it is one of the noblest sports; the challenge of holding your breath for prolonged periods of time against the speed and fast reflexes of the fish, makes that catching a good prey becomes quite a feat, considering that you can only have a pair of fins and a harpoon. The following, are the basic recomendations to step out of the water with some tigerfish, and with plenty of and enough ability, perhaps even a Dorado.



The mask: It is important to choose a mask that has the maximum field of vision and less inner volume, to avoid dizzynes by the constant ins and outs of the water, in addition to the fact that if you are on the hunt for a of slippery catfish, all the possible perspective will be needed.

Snorkel: The silicone-mouthpiece ones have better sensation to the mouth, although there are always mixed opinions on this matter. The simplest thing to do is to choose a long, wide one for better ventilation, but soft at the same time, to avoid hurting the corals or cave walls.

Fins: Having the wrong pair of fins while practicing underwater fishing may be as unconfortable as having a stone in your shoe while running a marathon. For this sport, the longest, the better, and if possible, you should avoid the straps, for they dont take advantage of the full swing of the leg. Remember always choosing one size bigger that you average shoe.



Buoy: It can be as helpfull as necessary. All the accesories which can’t be carried on the belt must be hung on it, which results in more comfort and more space to move around. Besides, by regulations, the buoy alerts boats of nearby surface divers.

Harpoon: Choosing a harpoon that fits your needs and tastes can be just as hard as shopping for a car. Safety rules must be oberved at all times, and above all, you must be aware of what kind of fishing you will be doing, and what species you are trying to catch. For the largest part, this will determine the harpoon brand and model.

Always remember to wash and rinse the gear with fresh water after every immersion, and periodically check your equippment for malfunctions, most of all, the harpoon.  



Text: Chume Balas ± Photo: AMURA