Power and elegance

In 2003, Bertram delivered eight new models, each one producing even higher levels of performance and comfort. Among them the 630 with both open and enclosed bridges. All these models boast better performance, both in terms of incredible new sea speeds and what the builder calls pure “fishability” plus more comfort in cruising amenities. These advantages, coupled with new alternatives in layout options and engine packages, provide guaranteed performance and long-term value.

Built in its Miami shipyards, the Bertram 630E has a 63-foot fiberglass hull, an enclosed bridge and a cruising speed of 40+ knots, making this model the fastest, strongest Bertram ever. From its first innovative Deep-V design to the many performance advancements place Bertram as a definite leader in the design and manufacture of the modern sport-fishing yacht. The Bertram 630 E, a direct descendent of the legendary Bertram 54 and 60 platform, has over 40 new improvements along with a sleeker profile, luxurious amenities, and an exceptional build quality. This marvelous mid-size yacht claims its first priority as a pure fishing machine—more space, larger storage, improved lines of site and even better performance in terms of speed balance and maneuverability.



The 630 E is the first in its size to incorporate the cockpit clearing, safer stairway to bridge design, the same design found on the flagship Bertram 670. Both the 630E and the 630 open bridge models are available in a three- or four-stateroom layout with either salon A or B arrangement. The 630E enclosed bridge model offers the new direct salon to bridge access also available on the Bertram 670 enclosed bridge.

For over 40 years Bertram Yacht owners have expected only the best in solid overbuilt construction. They have chosen to invest in designs that are functional, “fishable” and built to last. Today Bertram has reemerged as an industry leader in both new design and improved construction techniques. The 630 E is uniquely balanced with centrally located fuel tanks that create Bertram’s proper running attitude regardless of your power choice and fuel load. Bertram tanks are not only placed for balance but for fail-proof reliability and ease of access.



Today’s Bertram is more luxurious than ever and it is built to stay that way. Only real wood is used in a Bertram interior. High gloss cherry wood surfaces, recessed wood blinds, rich fabrics and leathers are part of the Bertram package for the owner who expects only the best in real world performance and real world feel. Bertram assembly utilizes today’s latest technology. All interiors are executed to perfection. Bertram craftsmen provide the fit and finish expected by the high standards of the internationally renowned parent Ferretti Group, builders of the finest quality yachts worldwide. For years we’ve counted on a Bertram to get us there and back, but we never thought it would look and feel this good.  





Lenght overall (LOA)

66' 9''

Lenght of hull

63' 2''


18' 1''


5' 3''

Fuel Capacity

1,842 gal

Water Capacity

35 gal


41.5 t


MAN X2 1500 HP


X2 MTU 2000 HP

X2 Cat C-32 1675 HP

Max. speed

40 knots

Cruising Speed

33 knots


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Bertram