Three times the fun

Since 1937, when it developed its first vehicle, Bombardier Recreational Products has been renowned for being at the forefront of fun on the snow, in the water and on land.

On this occasion we experienced the Sea-Doo 3D, both in the sea as well as in the lagoon (with the crocodiles permission, of course).

The concept is novel. The new Sea-Doo 3D cannot be compared with anything else on the market. It combines unique elements that, until now, were only found separately, and it gets its name from the three positions it offers.

Its aerodynamic design allows any person (amateur or professional) to enjoy an incredible experience on the open sea or on inland waters. The concept transports one to a third dimension of pleasure.



The Sea-Doo 3D is the first multi-experience vehicle and, thanks to its three different driving options —vertical, moto and kart— reinvents all that we know about fun on the water.



Let’s begin in a vertical position, which gives you an experience of the sport but with such stability that no other vehicle of this type can compare to it. Even a young person can drive it! It lets you skim the waves with great stability and confidence, as if you were using a watermoto. It is such fun that it makes you feel as if you were surfing because the handlebars move freely from top to bottom, allowing the operator to stand, kneel or crouch towards the front or back, and it balances with his or her weight.



For the next experience, it takes only three steps to swing the seat out from under the handlebars and put in an attachment directly into the floor of the vehicle.  It is that easy to convert the Sea-Doo 3D into a moto! It is similar to a motocross and lets us enjoy what, until now, has been know as a ride on a watermotor so it is easy to alternate between the two positions, on the sea and the lagoon, bound around and have a grand time. As an added bonus, Cancún offers incredible views from the seat of the Sea-Doo 3D.




And, finally, we enjoyed still another experience on the Sea-Doo 3D: the kart! The seat is hidden beneath the handlebars and, using an attachment, it takes only three movements to place it in the bottom of the vehicle. We fixed the handlebars in the lowest position (to allow for greater stability) and it turned into a kart! This is truly unique since the center of gravity is so low that it is almost impossible to turn over. It is a truly remarkable experience to ride with the surface of the water so close to you. We recommend using goggles or sunglasses when in the kart mode because of the speed and the closeness of the water. Even so, it is the best position for novices because it gives them confidence and it is easier to turn. For those who want to take a long ride without getting exhausted, the kart position is ideal. The seat is very comfortable because you can stretch your legs out on the floor and it has incredible stability. It is the closest experience to driving a sports car on the water.

Once you are on the Sea-Doo 3D you probably will not want to get off. It is so much fun and the driver does not get tired: in fact, he or she is transported to another dimension. Again, Bombardier has excelled. Don’t miss out on the sensations driving a Sea-Doo 3D can awaken.    



Main Characteristics

110-hp Rotax 782 cc RFI twin-cylinder rotary-valve. It has a water-jacketed dry exhaust system that, in the event it turns over, removes the water from the motor compartment. This is a completely new feature on the market.


Security—DESS System (Digitally Encoded Security System): only one key comes into contact with the chip (it is attached to the driver and, in case the vehicle turns over, it disengages and the motor turns off immediately).


Manual VTS: it allows the handlebars to be placed in different positions and heights for the multiple experiences.


OTAS: permits handling the Sea-Doo 3D even without accelerating.


Text: AMURA ± Photo: AMURA