Masked Modernity

It is a well-known fact that many people are fascinated by times, which, apparently, where “better eras”, moments that bring back memories of a special experience or instant that is a defining moment in life. Alden enters the scene with boats that could be called “vintage” because the Alden 43’s lines and profile are not precisely modern or follow vanguard tendencies in design. Thus the title of the article because, after fully analyzing this yacht, we will find many pleasant surprises.

It is surprising that it is one of the lightest yachts in its size (it has a displacement of 30,000 pounds), owing to the use of epoxic resin, E-Glass and Kevlar, which also increases its resistance. This, together with the new design of its V-shaped hull, improves its fuel consumption.



Alden, aware that each boat should be unique, offers flexibility so that several options are offered to each client. These are available in the distribution, finishes and equipment.

It is important to note that Alden does not have a mass production line. Instead, each boat is built expressly to the client’s specifications and focuses on what each considers important. In this way, Alden guarantees that each client will be wholly pleased with the final product. Another important thing is that they offer four versions of this 43-foot yacht, widening the range of possibilities.





The presence of wood is everywhere, both in the exterior and interior, creating a cozy ambiance that only wood can provide, even in the elevated bridge where it is at hand in the moldings and décor. Space is also taken advantage of to the fullest and an example of this is the floor of the hall that leads to the interior: when lifted it becomes the door of the engine room. In this area there is plenty of storage space for lifejackets, rope, tools and all that is necessary to enjoy the outdoors or a sail.

Inside, the view from the cockpit, which is located to starboard and right in the middle of the ship, is gorgeous. The seat, one in which you could also sit and enjoy a good movie, is very comfortable.  Definitely, an Alden is built for people who prefer to make their yacht, more than an adventure, an extension of their home. Alden also features cutting-edge technology particularly in what refers to safety and location.     













3 t

Fuel capacity

374.70 gal

Water capacity

149.88 gal


2 X 540 HP


Text: Edmundo A. Eguiarte ± Photo: Alden Yachts