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Just as the loyalty of its customers, the dimensions of the Princes Yachts have increased. Chris Gates, Managing Director of the company explains the reason for the increase in length: “I’ve been with Princess over 25 years, and in that interval, a dozen times, we have said that a particular model will be the largest ship that will be produced. But the constant requests from our customers lead us to develop larger vessels.”

The 40M model was developed in similarity with the 32 meters model, which was successfully presented at the 2011 London Boat Show. But, there are differences between the 32M and 40M  not only in size and volume, but also in the electrical and hydraulic systems, which incorporate the methodology of construction, the interior layout and, of course, its specifications.

The most distinctive factor between these two vessels may be the fact that the 40M is an authentic three deck vessel. For example, its architecture is not based in a huge Flybridge and elevated bridge, such as the 32M. What sets the 40M apart is the customization potential that is offered. Each boat will have unique elements in the distribution of its interiors, besides, this Princess flagship model incorporates elements that one would expect in 45 or 50 meters yachts. The main stairway for example, has steps mounted in a single column going from the lower deck to the upper deck and connecting the cabins and crew area from the lower deck, to the upper deck, providing a considerable degree of separation with the guest areas.




The 40 M design and shape gives a dynamic appearance, its poise will remain current over time. This same design philosophy applies to the spaces and decoration of interiors. It achieves a unique coexistence of formal and elegant styles, with spaces inviting one to forget all formalities.

The options for fun and relaxation are main priorities of the 40M. Thanks to its height, the spacious Flybridge offers spectacular views, the garage at aft can be extended up to 22 feet in length and keeps a water bike. It is also a ‘beach club’ that will be frequented by guests every opportunity they have.

The spacious living and dining areas on the main deck are generously lit by large windows that lead to drop-down balconies at port and starboard. The upper deck lounge is a casual and comfortable venue at the same time, thanks to a big screen TV and to the sofas located to starboard to which a series of individual seats to port are added. All areas of the ship exude a feeling of spaciousness.

The owner’s cabin is on the main deck and can incorporate an office before the master bedroom. It has “His” and “Hers” bathrooms. The guest cabins are located on the lower deck and with the flexibility of the design offered by the 40M, it allows the owner to choose between 4 or 5 cabins. With the 4 cabins choice, the V.I.P. suite covers the full width of the hull, a space that is not easy to find in guest cabins of yachts of similar dimensions.





 Princess paid special attention to noise control and vibration. The 40M is particularly silent when sailing, a direct result construction methodology of the hull which is based in resin injected under high vacuum. “We had made ​​between 80 and 100 hulls this way, points out Chris Gates, but the 40M is the first of this size.” Multiple layers of noise insulation are applied in the construction and assembly of the interiors, as evidenced by the significant weight of the doors and the sense of isolation when you lock a cabin. The perception of quality is maintained in each space and no detail escapes the crafted planning and execution.

The 40M is also noted for its state-of-the-art sailing technology. The bridge has integrated systems that allow the captain to maneuver at night safely and radars that give him up 120 miles of clear vision. All information systems are monitored on screens in the lateral stations of cockpit, in the crew area and in the chief engineer’s small office. These screens can also be seen on Closed Circuit TV, which covers the whole vessel.

With the arrival of the 40M, Princess Yachts outdoes itself again, achieving a prominent place in the semi-custom mega yachts market.







 131.9 ft


26.4 pies 


7.6 ft  

Water capacity 

880 Gal 

Fuel capacity

6,455 Gal 


507,063 Lb

Engine Options

2 MTU  12V 4,000 M73L  (2 X 2,938 MHP) - para velocidades de 18-20 nudos

2 MTU  12V 4,000 M93L  (2 X 3,509 MHP) - para rangos de velocidad de 20-22 nudos

Cruising Speed

12  - 14 nudos


Text: Javier Sorondo ± Photo: PRINCESS Yachts México