Elegance and power

Over the water’s surface, a brand new majestic yacht rises, showing her high pilothouse off, with absolute refinement, at an easy pace to be beheld with patience or at full speed to be admired for her nimbleness and capacity.

 Princess 35m is the newcomer to the Princess Yachts British family, a company with over 50 years of experience making high quality and renowned engineering design yachts, with an unmatched exteriors style and wholly posh interiors.




 The first word that might depict with greater accuracy this creation is refinement. This 35m length yacht reflects the clear objective of delivering the greatest comfort within an extraordinarily distinguished space, a tasteful display, and polished and finishing touches in every detail.

 To start, her stark and striking lines render her a classic character and, at the same time, keep modernity features. Cleanliness and a sensation of openness are given by her colors, neatness and well accomplished illumination, thanks to her large windows; her sliding doors at both sides of her hydraulic folding balconies are exceptional.

Every area is designed on a suitable arrangement in order to deliver the optimum width, so as to allow to enjoy both leisure and motion. At her high pilothouse a broad expansive deck space opens in order to enjoy a nice cruise and the best view.

The fly-bridge or deck is great, with a unique design; and the stern bridge, ideal as a cozy place to enjoy nice moments, a site to eat or share with friends in a mess room for 12 people, with a bow to stern bar used for seating.

The owner’s cabin is located at the main deck’s place of honor; to get there one enters an antechamber or office. It is equipped with two walk-in closets and a full bathroom in a suite with panoramic windows. Under it, there are up to 4 guest cabins (depending on the design) for 6 or 8 persons, with private bathroom.

The galley is as functional as beautiful, with a dual-use bar option: it can function as an informal piece of furniture or transformed into a formal mess room. The deck shelters an ever present outdoors Jacuzzi, and also has a garage for 5.5m tenders and a jet ski.

Passengers can enjoy basking in the Sun at the bow or choose the alternative of resting in comfortable seats. The bow deck includes a living room space and a fetching solarium; a stern mirror adds a touch of a beach club in a little more informally decorated ambience.

Overall, her exteriors give enough versatile spaces for a fabulous experience on board; while all of the Princess 35m interiors seek to generate a comfortable stay for owners and guests; and for up to 6 crewmembers lodged in a balance of pleasure, fun and luxury.





Perhaps, among the best of all, it is the flexibility of a bespoke design. Her owner can choose from a series of arrangements, in order to create an image according to his or her personality, needs and tastes.

On conceptualizing this yacht, renowned firms worked coordinately with the design consulting team; firms such as: Fendi Home, Armani Home and Missoni Home; thus one can appreciate the good taste at every nook. Attention was put on details, from the furniture, lighting, décor accessories, colors, forms and textures.

This alluring mix of originality injected into a classic design, transforms her into a modern feat, while resulting timeless; though it does not leave out her sportive and adventurous air, ready to sail at full tilt across the entire sea.

 The second word that depicts her is power. The Princess 35m renders a long reach with reduced cruise speeds, with astonishing autonomy. She has a semi-bespoke engine and state-of-the-art technology so as to give her the highest performance, such as every yacht in this range does: the motor yacht, the motor yacht Fly and the dynamic Class V sportive yachts.




The Princess 35m ensures high efficiency and speed. Its avant-garde hull design, in addition to its engineering standards for weight reduction and latest technology in infusion molding, make it possible a stunning and long range cruising.

She boasts, as well, of her extremely high levels of construction, made under the greater quality standards and RINA classification, with the “comfort on board” and LY3 specifications.

With the Princess 35m, Princess Yachts attains an evolution of its seacraft by its technical and design breakthroughs, that consolidate it as one of the foremost shipyard companies in the world.






114 ft


23 ft


2 x 1,930 hp


3.450 gal

Water Tank

385 gal (excluding heating )


Text: Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: Princess Yachts México