Percheron, un espacioso y elegante explorador

The Italian shipyard company Cantiere delle Marche, famous for building vessels the size of Stella di Nord and Noga, has succeeded again: it has constructed a new masterpiece, the second Darwin Class 86’, a 26 m, steel and aluminum Explorer vessel. Her design was run by Sergio Cutolo from Hydro Tec.

“We have named the yacht ‘Percheron’; a French breed of draft horse, original from La Perche, near Normandy,” says the owner of such spectacular vessel. “As a breed, it is known for its endurance, toughness and adaptability to different climates and conditions. I believe the Darwin is all of that” he comments about his possession, to be presented in September during the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes and that will have her debut in the US, at the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach shows.









“The yachts that we build here at Cantiere delle Marche are designed based on their owners’ image” – says Ennio Cecchini, CEO of CdM. “The Percheron in particular, stands out for her intensive and foremost family purposes: the owners will leave from Cannes, will cross the Atlantic Ocean and will reach the Caribbean and Florida. They will then set course for South America, up to the Argentinean coasts. From there, they will cross the Panama Canal and reach the Galapagos Islands”, he added.

Her name “Darwin Class” is not a matter of chance. It is a reference to the father of evolution; the objective is to accomplish an evolution of the yachts as “species” without changing their DNA, which makes them the most sought-after vessels by the lovers of the seas. In her 26.10 m she keeps features barely seen in this type of vessels, such as heavy duty engine dimensions and a hull built with extra-thick steel plates; added to designing details usually found in over 40m length boats.

“The yacht’s interior design distinguishes itself thanks to the linearity and lightness of the materials: elm wood and white lacquer, geometrical carpentry details, vivid ethnic textiles designed by the Maison Hermès Paris, and a profound care for the spaces for children. Everything has been thought out taking in account the personality and the owners’ voyage itinerary”, added Vasco Bunopensiere, Sales & Marketing Director of the Italian shipyard company.



For the interiors, iroko wood was used, known for its resilience; ideal when one realizes the ship was tailor-made for a big family. It has comfortable sofas and 4 cabins where 8 persons can cozily sleep, besides two cabins for crewmembers. It has also a play room with several entertainment options in order to have the family gathered; plus wide spaces for living and mess rooms. The galley is inasmuch as spacious, with three fridges, laundry area and even a small breakfast bar. The views are spectacular from different interior points: she is a true explorer.

Regarding the interiors, the Darwin also stands out: the guests of this dream vessel will be able to appreciate her floors made of elm and oak wood sheets; besides her solarium furnished with sofas and cots, perfect for the Percheron’s Caribbean odyssey. There is no doubt: she is a ship to be enjoyed from The Bahamas to the Antilles.

It is clear that the Percheron’s owner is entirely satisfied: “The design is superior. Sergio Cutolo did a great job by fusing form and function. None of the other shipyards compares. The interior and exterior spaces have no rival. Usually we have family members and children on board so basics like full displacement, resilience, stability and safety took great importance.”

Among some other advantages of this vessel, it is the ample engine room, with enough space to access under the motor, making the maintenance experience way simpler. This room makes evident the engineering work, building the ship thinking first of workability and then of details.

The family traveling these days aboard this explorer were involved in the tailor-making of their new home at sea, from the beginning to the end: “Visiting the shipyard during her construction was a great experience. Every piece is hand-cut and customized, piece by piece, welded, hammered, plugged in and painted, everything is bespoke. This is the work of true artisans and Cantiere delle Marche has got some of the best. We enjoyed our visits not only because we were eager to see how everything was going, but because it was a lot of fun. It might sound like a cliché to say that we feel that we belong to the Cantiere delle Marche family, but it is true”.

No one describes the sensation of traveling on board the Percheron better than her owner: “The best of the Darwin is that she can go anywhere. While the world is becoming smaller every time and its seas more and more crowded, it is incredible to be able to consider, in a safe way, still unexplored destinations.








85 ft


24 ft


2 x CAT C12 287 kW @ 1800 rpm


11,623.5 gal

Water tank

898 gal


7,000MN @9kn


Text: Cantiere delle Marche ± Photo: Cantiere delle Marche