First-time owner creates stunning custom Feadship

In terms of technology, ROCK.IT is Feadship state of the art in a conventional package.However, as Feadship has developed unequalled skill at executing the ‘conventional’, ROCK.IT became the quietest Feadship built to date. In fact, ROCK.IT may well be thequietest boat ever built, apart from a sailboat with the engines off – the measurements at hersea trials were simply off the scale. The owner is delighted with this performance and every other aspect of his first Feadship:

“The reason that I chose Feadship is simple. Whether it’s wiring or plumbing, pipe fitting orpainting, finishing or wiring, Feadship has the finest compilation of artists that I could find onmy journey of discovery among the superyachts that exist today. It is all the small things thatthey do, the time they take to do what they do, and the extra effort that they take to makeevery corner, nook and cranny look great. As we enjoy this piece of art called ROCK.IT, we always do so with respect and admiration for the men and women who created her.”





A tour of ROCK.IT

Created in partnership with Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design from the Netherlands, which was also responsible for the interior style, ROCK.IT’s elegantly sculpted exterior is destined to be a future classic. The owner was very keen to leverage on recent advances with glass that Feadship achieved on superyachts like Venus and Como. This served as inspiration for the four forward windows, which are curved both horizontally and vertically.

These distinctive glass structures are positioned relatively far forward and, combined with a unique continuous line running forward from the arch shape at the stern, emphasise the beauty of ROCK.IT’s bow.

Such hugely complex design features require immense effort and experience to realise. A natural flow of lines and surfaces ensures that the yacht exudes speed in a profile that is sleek and bold without being pretentious. The way that the continuous line races aft from the bow adds to the sensation of swiftness, while a thick bulwark on the foredeck emphasises both this line and the bevelled edge.





Incidentally, because this bulwark makes it impossible for crew to see the anchor when looking over the side, a hatch has been placed in the bulwark to give appropriate oversight during anchoring. Another feature of note is the stainless steel grids on all three decks: on the bridge deck these are also home to the exhaust casing, another way in which form meets function on a Feadship that has been thought through to a remarkable degree of sophistication.



Interior style

The entire interior of ROCK.IT is also a testimony to the ingenuity and artistry involved in building a bespoke Feadship for a client with a very keen eye for fine detailing. Dark precious woods and light stones are blended in a fantastically detailed and flamboyant classic modern style.

Exceptionally spacious thanks to the use of the full beam throughout the interior is characterised by an emphasis on crotched mahogany and striking diagonally veneered sycamore panelling that generates a very personal touch. It was an enormous challenge to source such an enormous amount of crotched mahogany at such a high quality level. Each panel consists of four sheets of veneer, all of which had to be matched. Consider the fact that there are an average of 90 pages in each ‘book’, of which at least half do not match, and the enormity of the task at hand becomes clear. There are 168 individual panels on the stairway alone, an edifice which required 130 books of veneer to complete.

Marbles and stones also play a key role in defining the on-board atmosphere. Backlit pure White Onyx is blended with an enormous amount of Statuario and sensational slabs of Portoro to elevate an already high-class interior to a stratospheric level of opulence. At the same time, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design and Feadship successfully ensured that ROCK.IT retains her primary purpose of being a true family yacht that can be transformed into a party boat when the time is right.








Length overall

60.35 m 197’0”

Beam overall

10.80 m 35’5”


2x MTU 12V4000M53R,

1140 kW @ 1600 rpm


3x Kilopak 175kW

Fuel capacity

120,000 litres 31,701 US gallons

Water tank

24,000 litres 6,340 US gallons

Water sports

1x 7.00-metre tender, 1x crew tender, wave runners, etc.


Text: © Feadship ± Photo: © Feadship Rock It