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Tankoa Yachts, the first shipyard of Italian origin to offer a multicultural approach to the development and construction of yachts, is proud to present the Tankoa S501 Vertige, the result of a collaboration between the yard, the owner, and the design team led by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini.

The goals were clear: create a perfectly balanced vessel that wasn’t bound to market trends; an ideal design that allows the owner and his guests to move freely inside the ship while the crew carries out its duties; to deliver to the owner a practical and efficient vessel with all the comfort and equipment that is usually found on a much larger ship.




Tankoa S501 Vertige was entirely assembled from aluminum alloy 5083, which drastically reduces weight and fuel consumption. Moreover, it requires less maintenance. Albert McIlroy, project manager, describes the construction as an incredible progress in managing deadlines and work rhythm; flexibility never before seen that allowed Tankoa to hire the best sub-contractors to create an Italian product well below the cost of its Northern European counterparts.

Paszkowzki was tasked with creating the “Vertige” concept, which gives the owner and his guests a separate navigation system that doesn't get in the way of the crew. This allows all crew members to move from deck to deck with greater ease and swiftness, ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone on board. The area aft the main deck features an oversized sun-pad and a spacious air lounge with a bar and extendable bulwarks. The aft area of the upper decks offers a dining space seating up to 14 people and a wraparound sofa for 20 with a retractable television cabinet. The forward part hosts a solarium and open-air lounge for maximum privacy. Tankoa S501 features as well a garage on the aft end of the lower deck, and a jet-ski storage area forward on the main deck.

Its interior design and details found their greatest expression at the hands of Margherita Casprini, who, with only a few choice materials, succeeded in creating an elegant, simple, and sophisticated style. The recurring theme here is a constant balance between teak and rosewood. The teak has undergone a bleaching process before its use, while rosewood was chosen for some of the furniture, paneling, and trim features with bronze detailing, increasing the sensation of warmth.





The results were, without a doubt, the most attractive 164 foot vessel ever built. Its interior and exterior are in line with what the design team was aiming for.

Tankoa S501 features two VIP cabins and two standard cabins located amidships on the lower deck, each one with its own private bathroom. The forward part of the lower deck hosts the crew quarters for up to eight crew members. The same finish of teak has been used in the cabins, and creates a luminous and embracing ambience.

When it comes to power, Tankoa S501 is propelled by twin 764kW engines that allow a maximum speed of 16 knots, and a cruising speed of 14 knots. Its fuel tank is capable of holding 33,000 liters of diesel fuel, allowing the ship a range of 5,000 nautical miles.








49.90 M

MAXIMUM SPEED            



9.40 M


33,000 L


2 X 764KW @ 1.600 RPM



Text: Cipriano de Guimarães ± Photo: Iberto Cocchi your social media marketing partner

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