The perfect wave for every body of water

A revolutionary vision of the future

Since its inception, surfing has been a coastal sport. That is, until today, because with the Nau-tique Surf System, you can turn inland waterways into surfing paradises that allow you to experience the freedom of an endless wave.

The NSS is a specialized device attached to the boat that uses wavplate technology which is integrated into the hull design to engage on either side of the transom to create a clean, large, and long wave that provides plenty of push. It intercepts and redirects the flow of water by extending outward and down the transom.

Users control the NSS via a 12.4” Linc Panoray Touchscreen, which offers a clear and vivid settings display in all weather and light conditions. Here, you’ll be able to adjust settings on the go or save a custom profile that will automatically calibrate to the preferred speed, ballast configuration, and waveplate settings of any given surfer, making it easier for multiple users to use the NSS without the need to start all over after each ride.

The NSS also gives the surfer the ability to be in complete control of the surfing experience through a Garmin app that remotely connects to the NSS, allowing the surfer to change the boat’s speed, music volume, NSS settings, as well as wave side and ballast shift. The app has been specifically designed to work with Fenix 5, Fenix 5S Plus, or Fenix 5X Plus watches.

The NSS offers thirty-six unique combinations per wave side, and is ready to deliver the best wave you’ve ever surfed.  


Text: Nautic Surf System ± Photo: Nautic Surf System