The semi-custom yachts Class line from Benetti, adds a new member: Crystal Benetti 140 ‘, created under the concepts of the relationship with the sea and the outdoors. His latest release is definitely a milestone in the history of this Italian firm, as this is the first model of its new Crystal series.

The name of the yacht comes from the Greek word for ice, when referring to the solid but transparent character of the ship, being 140 feet (42.7 meters) long and 30 feet (9.1 meters) wide. And this is because the Crystal 140’ belongs to the category of ships that happen to be the specialty of Benetti: mega yachts, with a composite hull and at the same time, solid. 

Benetti lines are noticeable in the design, made by Stefano Righini, who has kept a strict attachment to the Italian tradition and has also added details by owner’s request; an example of this is a funnel. Thus, the Crystal 140 ‘creates an atmosphere that combines both the classic and new of the sailing world.





The interiors of the yacht, designed by Françoise Zuretti, are presented in three different options and left to the complete owner’s decision: modern, clean lines and classic. 

The distinctive feature of Crystal 104’, compared with many other ships, is the use of the stern; this area, commonly used as a garage for emergency boats, jetskis, or to store other equipment, will now be dedicated to act as a beach area, moving the garage to the bow. This new beach area at the stern will have shower, toilet, refrigerator, stove and couches. The new layout optimizes and expands the space of the four VIP guest cabins; two have double bed and two have twin beds.

The main deck is undoubtedly the center of the yacht, a spacious and comfortable living area lies there, while the lobby has stairs through which any deck can be reached with fair ease. The master stateroom is located in the bow, and due to a window that runs from ceiling to floor, this room enjoys natural lighting and offers a magnificent view overlooking the sea through which the ship navigates.

Following  the upper deck, a living space is located including a dining room towards the stern, surrounded by a glass door that allows diners to enjoy the scenery offered by the ocean, this area also has the option of being closed by a screen, also made out of glass. Towards the bow is located the main bridge, equipped with the most advanced navigation technology.

The navigation of the Crystal 140’ is powered by its two CAT C32 Acer 1081 kW engines, using a fuel reserve of 58.000 liters, which allows it a range of 4.000 miles (7.407 kilometers), which makes the yacht fall into the category of mega yachts able to make long trips without having to stop to refuel so often. At its maximum potency and at mid-power load, it can easily reach a top speed of 15 knots.









Water capacity: 

2,113 gal    

Fuel capacity: 

15,322 gal


2 x CAT C32 Acer C WORS 

1081 kW @ 2300 rpm


826,733 lb     

Maximum Speed: 

15 knots (27.8 km/h aprox.)



Text: AMURA ± Photo: Benetti