Azimut|Benetti confirms its environmental commitment with a vessel with the E-Mode Hybrid and a steel hull


In long-range mode with E-Mode Hybrid, it provides up to 8,200 nautical miles, at an average speed of 9 knots


Italian manufacturer Benetti presented at the Italian shipyard in Livorno.Yond 37M Voyager, a four-deck yacht committed to sustainability. Unlike other vessels of similar size, Benetti does not use fiberglass in the manufacture of the hull, but went back to the origins of steel.

In the 1950s, Benetti became a pioneer in yacht construction by introducing solid metal rather than traditional wood. In most naval markets, steel is a symbol of durability and solidity, characteristics par excellence of the Voyager, with long cruises in mind.

In the design process there was always the concept that the B. Yond 37M to become the world's most environmentally friendly in its class, with the latest technology, and this was achieved by combining SCR catalytic filters and Siemens Energy's innovative E-Mode Hybrid system, based on an additional integrated and easy-to-use architecture built on a traditional system – a gas control technology based on a liquid solution based on automotive urea and ultrapure water, capable of neutralizing polluting emissions by converting them into nitrogen and water vapor, harmless to health and the environment.

Switching from mechanical to electric propulsion and vice versa of the B.Yond 37M is simple, without the intervention of specialized personnel on board. This innovative solution offers the freedom of four different operating modes, including Full Electric mode for zero-emission sailing, a unique advantage that allows the B.Yond 37M to enter protected marine areas or those normally off-limits to motor yachts.

With the new generation of high energy density batteries, the 300 kW/h battery pack will provide up to 8 hours of autonomy at anchor during the day and 12 hours at night. The batteries recharge in three hours.

In long-range mode with E-Mode Hybrid, it provides up to 8,200 nautical miles, at an average speed of 9 knots, with the two diesel generators off and a propulsion engine running, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 16% and NOx by up to 80% compared to traditional propulsion systems.



The interiors

Stefano Righini designed a revolutionary concept by including a fourth deck that allows all areas of the yacht to be elevated, offering panoramic views. The service area on the lower deck includes a wine cellar and cold storage, unusual features on a yacht of this size.

The main deck provides the overnight area for guests, with four suites accessed from a panoramic lounge - Playroom - with generous windows. Moving up to the Upper Deck, the living room provides 360-degree views and further up, there is the Bridge Deck, reserved for the owner, while the Sun Deck features a dining area and an open-air terrace, with a table protected by a hardtop.

The Bridge Deck can accommodate the master suite or a panoramic terrace. Above the Lower Deck, the gym can be replaced by a sixth guest cabin. Another first is the dual captain's accommodation solution, with a large cabin adjacent to the wheelhouse and a very spacious one adjoining the crew quarters. If the captain chooses to use the cabin closest to the pilothouse, the other could be converted into a seventh guest cabin.

The white steel hull and aluminum superstructure express the personality and elegance of the B.Yond 37M, complemented by stainless steel railings also painted white and topped with teak handrails, in an unusual style but with a very effective stylistic feature. The hull was designed by Pierluigi Ausonio's P.L.A.N.A. firm. The garage contains a 21.3 ft. tender, a 13.7 ft. rescue boat and two jet skis, in a sheltered area out of sight.

Open and spacious, the interior design by Mauro Izzo, Benetti's architect, offers even more potential for customization, allowing the owner to express their taste and personality in a yacht to live as if it were a second home. The materials chosen feature a natural color palette, enhanced by touches of blue provided by the fabrics and accessories, standing out against the optical white walls, in combination with the blue color of the sea.



Max length

36.9 m / 121’1” ft

Max beam

8.6 m / 28’3” ft

Hull and superstructure


Gross tonnage

395 GT


MAN V12, 1,450 HP + E-Mode hybrid

Maximum speed

14 knots


Text: Amura ± Photo: Benetti