The new creation of the French shipyard, VPLP Desing goes above and beyond the definition of a yacht or sailboat, we are talking about a new hybrid way of navigating which is powered by the sun of creativity.

The word Komorebi is designated to the Japanese concept of the representation of nature through the rays of the sun, it has a special emphasis on the light filtered through the leaves of trees which illuminates with a special splendor.

This vessel is a project that constitutes 85.5 m of length and it will be granted with a mesmerizing architecture that will be portrayed by open spaces and private corners. Two great rigid “sails” will be automatic and they will be able to launch the ship with 15 knots of speeds with the engine off and a 20 knot wind, this allows the fuel to be saved up to a 30% with a hybrid mode active.

This embarcation has it all, even a large pool, an incomparable beach club on it’s platform and many other novelty attributes which are quite unique.  the level of luxury is quite exceptional, despite its the yacht manages to arrive into any port that conventional ships fit into due to it’s strategic design.