Two grand companies of the technological yacht industry have merged in order to bring several new digital upscale services Navico -major fabricant of yachting electronics in the world- and Naviop -international leader of monetization systems and controls for yachts and mega yachts-, have joined forces to create a better user experience.

These companies have decided to work together to develop innovative solution that allow to control the data of navigation on board and monitor the ship while the program is being used. This net will connect all the services available on the vessel with only one click. Both enterprises have agreed on widening the range of products to satisfy the demands and current necessities of the shipyards.

Thanks to this collaboration, the system will accessible through the Glass Bridge of Simrad through an icon on the start screen. This access allow the gadgets on the yacht to connect directly with Naviop’s interface. This option gives the opportunity to captains of the ship and builders to work alongside one another in order to develop systems custom made for each yacht and their owners.