This superyacht is a luxury boat, designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, capable of being configured in two modes: The first for owners, and the second for yacht fleet operators.

The Italian designer, internationally recognized for his dramatic and futuristic style, included in Xenos two models in one. The Hyperyacht, equipped with top quality furniture, a jacuzzi, three large suites, a living room, a kitchen and two lounges. And the Seajet Piercer, a luxury transportation system with capacity for 180 people, VIP area and high security and hygiene systems.

In addition, Xenos will be able to reach speed of up to 90 knots, becoming the fastest 130-foot yacht in the world.

However, the most characteristic feature of the model is that it will include a matching Bugatti. This, in accordance with Lazzarini’s philosophy which says that “no superyacht is complete without a supercar on board.”