It allows to explore and appreciate the ocean up close without having to leave the boat.

The Gresham Yacht Design team presented this concept called 'Hydrosphere', which immerses the people on board in the surrounding ocean environment by firing the hull of the superyacht, deploying the vessel to the bottom in just a few minutes.

It has the capacity to accommodate up to seven guests. Importantly, what sets it apart from a submarine is practicality, ease and speed; that is, there is no need to spend time preparing a separate vessel for launching or hire a special captain or dedicated crew.

The capsule can be deployed while the superyacht is cruising at up to 2 knots. Then, when not in use, it retracts into the hull where it is protected by a hatch.

While 'Hydrosphere' may not be a significant launch compared to the 394-foot superyacht unveiled earlier this year, it could well become a favorite water toy among yacht lovers.