Located 45 minutes from the city of Dubai, the Al Maha Desert and Spa, an exotic oasis in the heart of the Dubai desert, offers more than just lodging for travelers: It provides a mesmerizing travel experience.

The resort features ample spaces where guest are first received. These are commonly known as Majilis, richly decorated rooms that are designed to for the gathering of family and friends. It is a tradition in the Arab world to conduct entertainment and business affairs in these rooms and so guests are welcomed here before checking-in.

Once inside, guests will have access to a library, which also boasts a large selection of local magazine and newspapers. The main lounge is the meeting place for guests at Al Maha, for it offers a carefully chosen selection of snacks and drinks. 



Of course, travelers can sign up for various outdoor activities. Guided or unguided tours to get a glimpse of the wildlife that surrounds the resort, hiking expeditions, camel or horse mounted escapades, as well as the opportunity to receive archery lessons, if desired.

The Suites Bedouin feature small private pools, finely crafted furniture, King size beds, spacious bathrooms, a mini-bar, and access to international channels via satellite television. The Suites Royal, on the hand, are slightly larger than the Bedouin’s, although both are feature the same amenities.

The Emirate Suites are more luxurious and boast a 12 by 4 meter private pool as well as a dining area, adjacent rooms in case a guest requires room for his staff, and a private kitchen. The Presidential Suite, for its part, is furnished with a fully equipped bar, daily one-hour Spa service, private tours on camel that can be personalized by the guest. These will also be provided with a Champagne bottle each night, amongst other amenities.

Al Daiwaan, Al Maha’s most prestigious restaurant, features a comfortable and ample terrace with spectacular views to the Wildlife Reserve. The menu offers an extensive selection of local and international dishes. Finally, the Timeless Spa at Al Maha offers guest a wide array of facial and corporal treatments, Swedish or Hawaiian massages, as well as beauty treatments, all performed by a highly trained staff that who will more than delighted to bring guests into a maximum state of relaxation.





Text: AMURA ± Photo:  Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa