Hidden in the middle of the town in San Pedro de Atacama, in Chile, in the most arid dessert in the world, the Awasi Hotel is a surprising natural oasis. 

An ordinary door made out of reed opens out to a patio, and then the scene repeats itself to reach a place that surprises with a bonfire surrounded by comfortable couches, a bar and a restaurant out in the open, with walls that are decorated with local cloths. This is the entrance to a natural world, embraced by the atmosphere of a little town.


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The pool reflects the blue in the sky and the suites are luxurious cottages with palm tree roofs. Very elegant palapas with heating, in order to face the night’s extreme cold weather.

Each room has its own guide, who takes the guests through the huge dessert trails, from the salted lagoons to the geysers. Each guide has their own car and every excursion is exclusive, since only two guests are allowed per trip, and they can choose to ride a car, bicycle, horse or by talking a walk.
wasi is also the best way to enjoy the chef’s finest and refined cuisine, a fusion cuisine that uses local herbs.

This is an exceptional place for discovering an arrogant dessert, worthy of its objective: To make the force of nature be felt, but without compromising its environment.
This Hotel is the perfect compliment for adventure in Atacama. Its exclusiveness and the excellence in its service make it qualify as a great small hotel with seven suites, to the measure of a fabulous stay.




Hotel Awasi

Tocopilla 4, San Pedro de Atacama

II Región, Chile

T: (56)55851460

T: (56) 22339641

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Cortesía Hotel Awasi