Magical Nights in an Arctic Winter

Glymur Resort is a family run boutique hotel situated high on a hillside on the northern shore of the beautiful “Whale fjord” just 50 kilometers away from Reykjavik or 90 kilometers away from the airport.

The hotel is open all year round except for the 24th to the 27th of December, since this is the period where the owners rest and spend time with their families.

The name comes from the Glymur waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Europe, conveniently located nearby in the fjord.

The hotel has a unique collection of art from all over the world and offers a special and welcoming atmosphere.

It has 22 exclusive two story rooms, with a waiting area in the first floor and the bedroom in the second floor where each room is specially designed and has Italian leather furniture and unique art pieces.






Aside from having premium services like high speed wireless internet, flat screen TV and a luxury coffee machine, every room has a magnificent view either overlooking the fjord or the mountains.

The two Grand Suites named Guðríðarstofa and Hallgrímsstofa are rooms with 37 and 46 square meters accordingly. Named after a famous 16th century poet and his wife that lived in the church down by the hotel. These rooms aside from the already mentioned services, also offer an Espresso machine, a stereo system and adjustable beds with massage.

Starting 2010, The Glymur Hotel will be offering six spectacular themed luxury villas, which will include themes like: Relaxation, Nature, Romance, Creativity and the Chef’s villa. These 80 square meters villas will be equipped with all the necessary services to accommodate up to 6 guests.



Glymur Resort offers excellent facilities for small conferences. The spacious main conference room, called the Blue Room, has a capacity for up to 75 people in cinema settings. The room is well equipped with wireless internet connection, projector, computer, TV, flip chart, an office assistant, etc. They also offer small workshop areas all over the hotel.

Do not miss the chance of spending a wonderful evening, while surrounded by nature and enjoying beautiful views of the Northern Lights and the “Whale Fjord”, in one of the exterior Jacuzzis (selected as on of the top 5 scenic Jacuzzis in the world) and enjoying a glass of wine for a crystal clear arctic night.

An unforgettable experience in a magical place without any comparison, the Glymur Hotel is definitely a resort to discover a never before experienced tranquility.





Glymur Hotel

Hvalfjordur, Islandia/Iceland

T: (+354) 430 3100

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Text: Roberto Salido ± Photo: Cortesía Hotel Glymur.