On board

• To be able to get into France, foreigners have to present proof of stay as well as proof that they will be able to sustain themselves as well as some lodging conditions. It is necessary to have a 90 day effective passport at least and it is also recommended to get medical insurance before travelling. In some cases, for nationality or reasons of visit, a visa is required; if it’s your case you must consult with your country, since the visa has to be acquired at the French Consulate before your departure. Mexican citizens do not require visa.

• Located at the heart of the French Alps and part of the Three Valleys, we find ourselves in one of the most prestigious places in all of Europe. Courchevel , with over 600 ski lanes, it has an incredible infrastructure making it the biggest place to practice skiing.

• There are a few ways to get there, coming from other countries. There are a few close airports from Courchevel; Annecy or Chambery are 100 km away, Lyon is 170 km away and Genève (Switzerland) is 200 km away from the station. By road, once in France you can either travel by car or bus while the nearest train stations are Moutiers, or Lyon. From Mexico you can go through Air France all the way to Paris and continue to Lyon St. Exupery.

• In the station a variety of outdoor sports can be practiced like skiing or snowboarding, season shopping or you can enjoy the excellent gastronomy. You can even make visits to the Vanoise National Park, the Saboya Region as well as Meribel and Bellevile than along with Courchevel represent the Three Valleys.  




• Courchevel is considered one of the most famous ski stations world wide, its landscapes painted in a fascinating white represent a very attractive vacation offer. It has all kinds of services for all kinds of fun family, infants, youth, and on any season of the year, its excellent geographic location lets you enjoy a natural and cozy environment, perfect for practicing this kind of sports. Its huge mountains gave it its fame, which will embrace any tourist making them want to visit this destination.

• The National Park of La Vanoise, was created in 1963 and paired with the Gran Paraiso in Italy, it’s one of the most beautiful and amazing natural areas our eyes can see. With a surface bigger than 1300 km2 is the biggest protected space in Occidental Europe and it has approximately 107 lakes and around 20 glaciers, making it a one of a kind paradise. Located in a privileged atmosphere, it is an amazing and very emblematic place, Mont Pourri the biggest peak in the zone, where the Tignes de Couvel and Val d’lsere ski stations are located.

• All the work done by Courchevel is worth of recognition, being one of the pioneers by growing in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and protecting this way its biggest attraction, the mountains, that have actually become the official identifier for this place.

• Near the zone is beautiful Annecy, a little town surrounded by a lake with the same name which is the main attraction. We are talking about a little magic corner, 37 km of colorful water, who’s shores speak of a fascinating history, places never seen before that will astonish you with their creativity, architecture and its weather 




Text: AMURA ± Photo: Courchevel Tourisme/Patrick Pachod, Flickr.